What is a Bad Localization And What Makes a Bad Localization?

Global companies that are able to make a successful position in the world are the ones that prefer localization solutions. Localization helps the business to operate its functions in the foreign market according to the customers’ preferences. But in this, bad localization can have devastating results.

If your business has decided to undertake a localization project, there is a great need to take an important step toward expanding your reach to a global audience.

In this poor solutions will not play an effective role to make things according to the dynamics of the target market.

Choosing poor localization solutions will not work in the best way and your business may not be able to meet the required goals.

There is a great need to know what is localization in order to make your solutions to grow in a more user-friendly way.

Let’s see and know more about what makes a bad localization and how it affects your business.

What Makes a Bad Localization?

When you are translating your sites or content to make it more localized, there is a need of seeking the right solutions. If the company you hire not providing the best results, this leads to poor reputation.

Let’s have a look at the things that make bad localization:

1- Low-Quality Translations

Whenever there is a need of translating the solutions, getting an unprofessional translation will not work in the best way. They may not understand language localization concept and may provide a line-to-line translation that doesn’t work best.

This will not serve best to establish a great connection with the regional audience.

Instead of relying on cheap translation, you must decide to choose professional solutions to make your solutions grow in the best way.

2- Ignoring Cultural Differences

If there is a need to make the solutions localized, one of the major mistakes is by ignoring any cultural elements.

Different regions have different cultural elements and you cannot ignore them if you are thinking about making the solutions localized.

If working on making the website localized, there is a need to get efficient website localization that makes your website culturally relevant. This helps you to serve the audience in a much better way.

3- Incorrect And Irrelevant Visuals

Images help to make better interaction and the use of images in place of text works well in engaging the audience.

But if the images are not localized according to the target area audience, this will not bring in many results that you were waiting for.

For example, you use an image containing text showing food labels. This needs to be recreated using localized text. Also, see images showing visuals that are not harming the audience in any way.

4- Not Using the Right Keywords

One of the important localization techniques that people ignore is using the right keywords. When you are translating your content, you’ll be also translating the keywords from one language to another language.

In this, you must evaluate the keyword research and see which keywords are used as a high-volume search for the relevant thing.

You must evaluate the search pattern for a certain market and look at the search behavior. The search behavior differs and uses localized SEO keywords that belong to a certain market.

5- App Content Not Relevant

To create an easier user experience on mobile, many businesses are creating apps. Apps are an essential component of every business’s online presence.

Unfortunately, if you don’t get the right app localization, then this will not be able to serve your business in the best way.

Just like the website, there is a need to create content for the app localized to grow it in the best way. Relevant content will make it easier for things to make in a much more accessible way.

6- Not Changing the Payment Modes

Different country has different payment modes and you can’t use one currency while communicating with different parts of the world.

Suppose you are making the e-commerce site localized and if potential customers find the payment mode inconvenient this will create problems.

Make sure you don’t end up with such a blunder. In this, try to get reliable localization solutions to ensure smooth payment modes.


Localization is always used to make the business functioning smoother. It requires your time, effort, and to assure the best result and for this, you need to get with the professionals.

Professionals pay attention to detail in every step of the localization process and mitigate errors and get hassle-free growth.

To make the localization solutions the reasons for your growth, you need to get with experts. For reliable localization solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or grab an instant quote.

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