Difficulties in Localization: What Makes Localization More Challenging?

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Localization is a much-needed solution to make the solutions fit well with the target market. Before launching any solutions, businesses have to work on a localization-centered project to seek great benefits. However, working on localization is not easy and there are several challenges associated with it.

As a business decides to have a new venture, there are always inevitable obstacles and localization is one of them.

Localization brings a huge potential to open up new revenue streams and establish operations in emerging markets but there is a need to understand the market well and be adapted to it.

To gain better access to any market, there is a need to work with professionals who understand the market well.

They educate themselves on how to make solutions accepted by the target market.

They know what is localization and their solutions help a lot of businesses to operate.

Let’s see and understand the major challenges associated with localization.

What Makes Localization More Challenging?

Localization is about making solutions as per the target market.

Whether it is about your website or documents, making it relevant to the target market brings the results of localization.

But to bring great localization results, there is a need to work on the solutions, and there is great need to understand the cultural aspects.

Mentioned below are some challenges associated with localization:

1- Working With The Slangs

The major game of localization involves dealing with translation.

In translation, there is the use of slang that varies as per the region or local area.

Before translating to make the solutions localized, the major localization challenges include understanding the local area and the slang terms and phrases they use.

There is a need to work on understanding the market and language.

This is not challenging when you have professional translators on your team.

2- Localizing Images

Several businesses often forget this but your images also need some localization implementation to match the target market needs.

For example, if you’re writing for the Italian market, so, you must use the images on your website that represents the area belonging to the Italian speaking area.

Image localization is highly important to get ultimate digital localization from the website.

With the right image, it becomes much easy to make your solutions resonate better with the target market.

3- Implementing SEO

We all are well aware of how SEO is important in making solutions visible online.

Successful results can only be achieved when your solutions are localized.

When you think about localizing your website, the major focus is on using the relevant keywords that can bring great traffic according to the new market.

Adding special market keywords provide specific optimizations of the solutions and make them perfectly localized as per the market.

In this way localization helps to make your website get ranked high and attract attention.

4- Lack Of Necessary Resources

To ensure successful localization, there is a great need to be equipped with the right resources.

This goes beyond choosing the right translation solutions that can promise great results.

There is a need to understand the market and to have accurate information about the language and its dialects.

The challenge is to look for and hire professional translation solutions whose translators understand the market well and have in-depth knowledge.

5- Understanding Cultural Nuance

No localization is possible if there is a lack of understanding of the solutions.

There is need to consider hiring a localization partner who can understand that target demographic area in great depth.

Every market is attached to its cultural aspects and respecting them is important to serve the audience.

The new market may differ and conducting research and handling content with sensitivity is very much required.

6- Ignoring Errors

When you are establishing in a new market, a simple mistake may throw off all your hard work and offend a new target audience.

Localization of the solutions needs to be done perfectly to avoid any pitfalls.

This major challenge can be solved in the best way by hiring language professionals who have background and experience in the languages.


When thinking about expanding operations to a new market, a business needs to understand to be adapted to the market.

So, working on localization works as a foundation that makes the solutions accepted in the target market.

To make this happen, you have to get the right localization company and evaluate localization costs and experience before choosing solutions.

Localization helps to make the solutions appreciated by the audience and provides great growth. If you are in search of the best localization solutions for a new target market, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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