Is Localization Worth It? [7 Facts & Stats You Can’t Ignore]

The best way when you want the audience to choose your solutions is best possible when you seek localization. Localization helps to make the solutions best adaptable to specific audiences and make them fit well. This brings immense opportunities that make the localization definitely worth it.

Localization refers to a type of translation where the solutions are customized and presented in a way that is adaptable to the local culture.

The majority of businesses use the English language while English is spoken by around 75 billion people worldwide and it’s the first language of less than 400 million people.

Localization brings modifications that help to make the content fit better to the audience.

However, there are several challenges of localization but the localization expert understands region-specific changes and makes the solutions best adaptable for the best customer experience.

Let’s see and know what makes the localization worth it.

7 Facts & Stats You Can’t Ignore About Localization

Localization is considered a complex process that is all about making the solutions adaptable to the market.

With this, your solutions fit best to the cultural and linguistic preferences of your target market and ensure bridging the gap in all ways.

Localization can help a lot to understand market conditions and also get to know about customers’ buying behavior.

Here are reasons to prefer language localization solutions and know some interesting facts about localization:

1- Making Reach To Audience Fast

When bringing solutions to a new market, establishing operations is a difficult task.

You want the audience to choose your products and to see success in foreign markets, it is important to increase market reach with localization.

About 95% of online shoppers use websites that are in their own language.

Localization makes it easier to way into new markets and strengthens your presence.

2- Work On Building a Reputation

For new market, business prefers convenient website localization solutions to make the website as per the market.

There are several businesses that have ignored the importance of localization have fallen victim to shutting down of the solutions.

Around 41% of leading brands have at least one local country page.

Therefore, it is one major factor of localization is building a reputation.

3- Streamline Business Operations

Smooth business functioning is highly important and in the new language market, it could be tough.

However, the localization process is highly helpful and makes it easy to work in new markets.

This helps to ease out the operation for business and customers and bring great results.

4- Great Customer Satisfaction

For any business to function well, the main importance is given to the customers.

There is a need to work on solutions to provide great customer satisfaction.  

Businesses who understand what is glocalization have to work on making the solutions relevant to the market as this makes the customer feel valued.

5- Driving Great Online Search Results

Localizing not only provides the best customer experience but also helps in the online presence.

When your solutions such as your website will be localized, this will able to rank high on the search results.

Localization will increase search traffic by 47% and boost website visits by 70% leading to great success.

6- See a Great Increase In Sales Numbers

Localization of the solutions has a great effect on the number of sales.

When the audience will be able to engage with your solutions, this can directly lead to improved sales numbers in the region your business finds its target market.

There are different localization challenges in the process and the best results are only possible when you get with professionals.

7- Provide Possible Future Expansion

Entering the new market is really difficult and planning on the expansion becomes difficult when there is no good response from the audience.

The audience will engage with your solutions when you localize them accordingly.

Using localization of the solutions makes it the best available that provides great future expansion.

When localization will bring in great results, it becomes easier to plan the future of the business and optimize your strategy for growth.

For this, you need localization solutions in Delhi to make the best results happen.


No matter in which new market you want to enter and provide your solutions, the best results are only possible when you are able to attract audience attention.

Localization of the solutions is highly important because that helps you to get an idea about the markets in-depth and making the solutions the best relevant.

Getting the right localization expert will assist you in the localization of the solutions. If you are looking for the best and most highly affordable localization solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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