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Recently, ‘The Vegetarian’, a novel by Han Kang received the translation award 2016, i.e. the man booker international prize. This book is about the woman who gives up eating meat.

It is translated by Deborah Smith. Sources say that Deborah started learning Korean just seven years ago.

This novel has been published by Hogarth and Portobello in America and Britain respectively.

Further, it is said that this novel is written in three parts, with each part having a different narrator.

In 2013, the rules of the Booker Prize Foundation got changed. This allowed the writers of any nationality write in English. Hence, the rules for this translation award also adjusted.

For the very first time, this prize has been awarded to a single translated book within a year. Earlier, it used to be awarded to a body of work (translated/ written in English) in every two years for.

155 submissions have been read by the judges, this year.

A prize amount of £50,000 has been equally divided between the translator and the author.

According to a survey, the translated fiction sales in Britain have almost doubled in the last 15 years.

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