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Recent reports state that the French language seems to move towards a decline in its own homeland. This current status of the language is a serious matter of concern.

The report found that there has been a significant increase in the total number of people, who speak French. As per the report by OIF, there were almost 274 million French speakers in 2014. This has been a major increase in the number since 2010. Out of this figure, there were nearly 212 million people, who used to speak the language regularly, i.e. on a daily basis.

Further, due to the inclusion of French language in education system and demographic growth, the sub-Saharan Africa countries witnessed 15% increase in the total number of French speakers. Not just this, it is one of the most studied and most spoken language in the world.

But, apart from this entire positive trend, the language seems to face a decline in its European homeland. There are almost 36% of speakers in Europe, while 54% in Africa.

One of the reasons for this is suggested to be the lack of teaching foreign languages in European schools. For example, French is taught in the United Kingdom as a foreign language. However, at a higher level, it is not obligatory.

Efforts can be seen to protect the language and reinforce it as France’s working language, on building sites. A Molière clause was passed by the Paris region, which demanded the builders to speak in French on publicly-funded construction sites.

Most of the organizations are also investing their energy to keep French protected from the outside influences.

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