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Intel (the Global chipmaker) joined hands with the government on Clean Ganga initiative that is a pilot project being run in Varanasi and would continue till the middle of the next year.

Kumud Srinivasan, the president of Intel India said that the company is using sensors (under the pilot project) to collect data. The data would be then fed to a common centre, in order to derive useful information.

She further adds that the company is also working with the state governments in other projects, to help attain the Digital India vision.

In June, the government said it would use crowd-sourcing and geospatial technologies to monitor pollution in river Ganga. Now, government is taking more initiative to make everything better and convenient. So, they introduced one more thing which is effective 5 years extension of electronics manufacturing scheme that you should also read.

Amongst the 6,900 employees of Intel in India, the major part of the employees is engaged in R&D activities in Pune and Bengaluru.

She says that, since the indian teams work on every category, i.e. from servers to PCs to IoT, therefore, India is a very significant market for them from research and development perspective.

Kumud Srinivasan further says that after the US and Israel, the Indian team is the third largest.

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