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‘Make in India’ initiative may soon get the support of some Chinese mobile companies, as they will consider various manufacturing possibilities present in India. According to sources, this would be golden chance for this initiative.

More than 80 companies would be participating in it and analyze the manufacturing possibilities.

Indian mobile phone market is one of the most competitive markets in the world. Thus, manufacturing the phones in India might certainly be a wise decision for the Chinese firms.

It is estimated that by 2017, India might become the second largest smartphone market, as the manufacturers from china are interested in joint ventures with Indian companies. So, this would be a tough competition with other countries.

The component suppliers will also come with the Chinese manufacturers. Thus, it would be easier to manufacture the phones locally. This is actually very important to establish an ecosystem for mobile phones in India.

According to the market experts, this time is perfect for such a venture, as the China market faces saturation.

As per sources, some of the component makers that would be participating in the venture would be:

Wind-Mobi Camera King Far-Sighted Mobile
Holitech HuaLong Vikin
Poxiao Wingtech Nuwei
Sinwoo Galaxy Core Sprocomm
Sop Ramos Miki

However, companies that have already ventured into India are:

Vivo Meizu
Gionee ZTE
Nubia Coolpad

India will certainly provide a full-fledged manufacturing platform to the Chinese manufacturers.

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