What is Subtitling and Types of Subtitling?

Subtitles are now highly used to make the content better accessible. Therefore, it is now known as a powerful tool that helps to bring quality content to audiences in all languages. Whether it is about creating a small video or creating a long hour film, subtitling can help the content to be easily understood in any language with text provided.

Subtitles are lines of text that you see at the bottom of the screen.

They are often there to translate the spoken dialogue into the same or another language.

The most likely subtitles are used for movies and YouTube videos.

Subtitles are highly preferable for creators who want to make the content accessible to a global audience.

When the creators use subtitles for the translation, this makes their content serve more flexibly in the new market.

So, if you use subtitling solutions for global businesses, you’ll see how your solutions are accessible in the best cost-effective way.

Let’s see and know more about subtitling.

Types of Subtitling

The visible text on the screen is a choice in subtitles.

If you want to provide permanently visible subtitles, you need to seek open captions.

But if you want to make the subtitles with the option to disable them, closed subtitling is best.

Look at the given points and know more about the types of subtitling:

1- Open Subtitling

Open subtitles or captions are those that will be permanently visible on the screen.

This is a general option for creators to choose English subtitling solutions as English subtitles are majorly used in movies, TV, and YouTube videos.

Like other subtitles, they display information and dialogue on-screen.

However, in this, the viewer doesn’t have the access to get them switched on or off.

The reason why they don’t get on or off is that they’re burned into the video track instead of being added later.

Some viewers may find open subtitling as a key for distracting but there are few websites that don’t support closed captioning and for this, the open caption is the only option.

Examples: The common use of open captions is in movies.

Whatever the language of the movie, the known benefits of subtitling company is to provide written information about the content in a different language and make it available to a new market.

These open captions will appear automatically and will be in the entire movie in the best synchronized way with the scenes.


● They are highly easy to use. The people who just want to watch content without switching on or off the content find it easy to read them.

● Content creators find it highly easy to add open captions in videos without worrying about any additional support from the video platform available.

● When they hire subtitling solutions for the captions in the video, content creators have the option to choose caption style, size, and font in the way they want.

2- Closed Captions

The closed subtitling is almost the same as open captions but the main difference lies in the control provided to the viewer.

Closed subtitling is the favorite for content makers who create videos for social media platforms such as Facebook or Youtube.

It becomes highly easy to use a large portion of content making it easily available to the viewers.

In this, if finding the right subtitling solutions for Youtube channel stress you out, then closed captioning is best to go for.

Examples: The major reason why closed captions are used is because they are default option in most online videos.

A popular closed caption comes with automated captions generated by YouTube.

They can be easily turned on or off by the viewer by clicking on the settings feature available.


The most common benefit of closed subtitles is that content creators don’t have to struggle to find local subtitling company.

They can easily make the required changes on the platform and enable the subtitling for it in the required language.

● There is no need to waste time editing the open captioning.

● The common benefit of closed subtitles is their flexibility. The user can easily turn them on or off anytime.

● Closed subtitles can be created in various file formats which makes them suitable for different media players.


Subtitles are now considered highly important to offer the best video viewing experience.

Very few people are aware about subtitles updates however it is important to know the distinction before choosing the open or closed subtitles.

If you’re planning to produce video content and want subtitle solutions, you need to get with experts. To get accurate subtitles, contact us at +91-8527599201 or grab an instant quote.

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