Importance of Subtitling Service for Global Businesses [5 Crucial Facts]

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It’s entirely about customer experience or, more particularly, viewer experience. A good subtitling can provide video watchers a great viewer experience that seems and feels as if they are watching in their actual language. So, don’t you think there is a great importance of subtitling service to global businesses?

In this advanced era, multimedia content is powerfully ruling the industry, whether it is marketing, learning or entertainment. Its demand is growing day by day as it’s very engaging and attractive for audience. Subtitling plays an important role in making multimedia content more accessible to an array of audiences.
Nowadays, multimedia content belonging to any particular country or any specific language is no longer restricted to its native speakers. People from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages are showing interest in watching them. This massive interest of the audience has bound various multimedia content creators from all across the world to generate content in various languages. The most affordable method that these content creators utilize for translating their content is by utilizing subtitles on it. It make the content conveniently accessible to other speakers.

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of effective subtitling to global businesses.

Major Importance of Subtitling to Global Businesses

1. Reflects the Quality of Your Business

Subtitles can have a bad impact on your company. Your video content should showcase the quality of solution your company offers to your customers. By hiring a professional solutions specializing in incorporating subtitles for global companies, you can be really confident that your content is shown in a professional way in spite of language.

2. Boosting Views of Your Videos

The significance of subtitling extends to improving video reach. With the help of subtitling, you can have more text in the video content. Your hired reliable language service providers utilizes the chance to improve the content’s site engine optimization. This manner, subtitles permit search engines to identify your video, giving you a massive number of viewers.

3. Subtitles improve the SEO of a video

Obviously, it is important to offer quality content that not only do your customers like, but they also get knowledge from. Your content should also give value. Let’s not forget that your aim is also to secure a top ranking on SERPs. If you reach many people, and they watch the entire video until the end, it will assist you to improve your ranking on Google. What’s more, subtitles also assist to secure a top positioning on search engines, as Google indexes subtitles on videos.

Also, you need to understand that very wrong subtitling can harm your reputation. All of this can make a huge difference to an array of people who find your site, look at your video and connect with your company.

4. Silent Watching on Social

Can you ignore these two interesting facts?

• More than 100 million hours of video are viewed on social media every day.
• About 80% of social media users view corporate videos without sound.

Since you cannot, it is your opportunity to increase the power of subtitling solutions. By incorporating subtitles to your social media video content, these videos can be developed to auto-play through Twitter, Facebook, or Google so that audience need not miss the point. If seen properly, you might observe various signs you need subtitling.

5. Improve the Reach of Your SEO

Search engine optimization is the top-most key in the world of business and online marketing. By professionally translating your video into various languages, you are in turn taking the essential steps to increase the reach of your SEO.

This is because of the fact that the top-most aspects of a page that search engines comb when analyzing the best content for any specific keyword is subtitled text. By subtitling your videos in various languages you are providing those search engines another way of getting your webpage when appropriate search terms are entered.

Conducting a global business means that becoming culturally sensitive is important. Communication is important, and you should be really precise. Make sure that the translators have subject matter expertise and linguistic. To get top benefits of translators, they should have a great knowledge about the specific industry.


The importance of subtitles is way more than just entertainment. It is important for learning reasons as well as for your business growth. Subtitling solutions alike assure your video to convey its message by reaching more audience and increase its success.

Tridindia offers you professional subtitling solutions to increase the reach of your video and appropriately convey your message. To know more, reach us at +91-8527599201 or mail us at [email protected]

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