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What is the Need of Video Transcription? [5 Solid Facts]

Video transcription is the method of translating your video’s audio into text utilizing automatic speech recognition technology, human transcriptionists, or a mixture of two. Without video transcription, your videos cannot convey information appropriately. As per reports, the average user invests 88% more time on a site with video than without. But, this should genuinely come […]
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Know The Major Types of Transcription For Your Business Needs

Transcription involves developing a textual archive of video or audio recordings of conferences, meetings, or any other business interaction. So, don’t you think you should Know The Major Types Of Transcription For Your Business Needs? Whether it is to ignore lawsuits or disputes, every business should maintain detailed records of its communications. It is just […]
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Hiring a Transcription Agency: Everything You Need to Know

Are you seeking a high quality and new transcription agency to work with? To make sure you are getting the best service possible, it is always essential to thoroughly go through all the recorded statement transcription agencies prior to signing any contract. But how do you know what to consider while hiring a transcription agency? […]
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9 Signs You Need Professional Transcription Help

Does your business require transcription? If you relate to any of the below-mentioned signs, it’s time to begin searching for professional transcription. Developing a written version of a recording needs the assistance of a professional transcription expert. It is difficult, and a professional transcriber should have the correct training as well as proper knowledge to […]
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7 Major Businesses That Need Transcription Services Today

With the increasing dependency over technology, businesses all over the world are relying heavily on online marketing strategies to target the online audience. Right from video to audio, all types of technologies are used today, giving a quick boost to transcription that involves converting an oral file into a well-written text. Having quality transcripts at […]
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