Challenges in Indonesian Translation: What Makes Indonesian Language More Difficult?

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When you want to make the content best familiar to the target audience, the best method is to choose translation. Translation in a few languages is not a simple thing and Indonesian language is one of the languages. Several things make up Indonesian language difficult and only experts are able to do it in a better way.

There are millions of people living in Indonesia and outside who speak the Indonesian language. Connecting to a huge audience is best possible while using Indonesian translation.

But there is a need to have better knowledge of the language and its dialects to achieve the highest translation quality in the Indonesian language.

If you choose to communicate in the Indonesian language, translation becomes easy if you know English. Several skillful language translators with great experience in translation can easily overcome the challenges and ensure to provide the highly-relevant Indonesian translation.

Let’s see and know more about the challenges in Indonesian languages.

What Makes Indonesian Language More Difficult?

Indonesian language itself is incredibly challenging and fun to learn. But just like any other language, its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation make it different. While providing translation the major thing is to focus on the Indonesian language at a deep level.

Look at the given points to know what makes the Indonesian language translation difficult:

1- Usage Of Prefixes and Suffixes

In the situation have you ever used translation, you must’ve known how language rules play an important role in translation.

Generally in conversation, Indonesian people modify the words that they are using by eliminating some prefixes/suffixes. However, during translation, there is need to keep note of that.

In the Indonesian language, prefixes and suffixes do not exist in formal writing. So, understanding this removes the challenge while translating into the Indonesian language.

2- Check On Grammar

When someone is learning Indonesian language, it is always said that the grammar of Indonesian is simple. However, whenever you seek quick document translation solutions, getting translation while keeping the grammar is not easy.

Indonesian language nouns lack gender and this gives rise to some complications.

The use of affixes on nouns and adjectives can seem complicated and only professional translators are able to carry out accurate translation.

3- No Verb Tenses

You may be amazed to know but there are no verb tenses in the Indonesian language. Indonesian speakers usually incorporate adverbs of time usually in their sentences instead of changing their verbs to match the time.

The main aim why is translation important from experts is to ensure you communicate well rather than being confused.

Translation in the Indonesian language can be confusing at times and there is a need to incorporate the best professional translation solutions to see better results.

4- Vocabulary

No translation can be possible if there is a lack in the vocab. To ensure you get the best Indonesian translation, it is very important to get translators who know the Indonesian language vocab well.

Indonesian has words from the Dutch language and it provides great benefits of translation when translation vocab comes from the same roots.

There are a lot of rules related to the affixes which can make building vocabulary complicated. So, working on the vocab part is highly essential to eliminate the Indonesian translation challenges.

5- Indonesian Language Has No Tone

The tone is an essential part of any communication but the Indonesian language doesn’t have any tone. This aspect makes the translation into the Indonesian language more difficult.

The tone of message information always delivered the style and contrast of the message and this is somehow difficult to attain in Indonesian languages.

There is a great need to look for prominent Indonesian translation solutions who ensure the message is delivered in the best way even in the absence of the tone.

6- Accounting for Cultural Nuances

Every language carries a cultural aspect along with it. Similarly, the Indonesian language has its own cultural aspect and translation in the Indonesian language is not an easy thing.

You have to get professional translators who have great experience in translation and also have a better understanding of the Indonesian market.

When you work with the popular translation company, you don’t have to worry at all. Professional translators consider several aspects and deliver the best results.


With the great advancement in technology, it has highly possible to take your solutions and reach out to new markets.

Translation plays a role in overcoming language barriers however, there is a need to consider several aspects to ensure to deliver accurate translation.

Before choosing translation solutions, you must evaluate whether is translation affordable and experienced to deliver the best translation.

There are several aspects that need to be considered to get a top-notch translation. If you are looking for a trustworthy Indonesian language translation, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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