Challenges in Taiwanese Translation: What Makes Taiwanese Language More Difficult?

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Businesses love to explore new regions and surprisingly when it comes to Taiwan, they get confused between the Taiwanese Language and Chinese. Taiwanese language is largely spoken in Taiwan and those who don’t know it clearly find it hard while communicating.

Taiwan’s linguistic development is hard and Taiwanese language and Chinese are two distinct languages.

With all this history and culture, it comes to localizing Taiwanese languages.

So, while communicating with the Taiwanese market, one needs to be prepared for getting into Taiwanese language.

Businesses wishing to explore the Taiwanese-speaking market understand benefits of translation.

By seeking translation, it becomes very much easy for them to localize the solutions.

However, getting Taiwanese translation is not easy and there are several things that need to be considered.

Let’s see and know more about the challenges in Taiwanese translations.

What Makes Taiwanese Language More Difficult?

Taiwanese language is the most common localizing language in Taiwan.

But sometimes, Taiwanese Hokkien is considered the most suitable choice for a voiceover.

When we are talking about translation, you must get with professionals who can understand your needs and provide solutions.

Given below are challenges that expert language translators find hard while providing Taiwanese translation:

1- Sentence Structure

Whenever translating into a new language, sentence structure always needs to be considered.

It is another aspect of translation and it can be really challenging.

Suppose, you are translating from English, which follows the rules for adjective order whereas, in the Taiwanese language, there is no such thing.

This makes it really challenging for a translator to translate into the Taiwanese language.

Expert translators have to really struggle hard in getting to convey the meaning in the best way.

2- Idioms, Metaphors, and Sayings

If any situation have you ever used translation, you must know how well there is a need to keep up with the idioms.

Every market has a different culture and with this, they have their own idioms, metaphors, and saying.

To make the content relevant to the Taiwanese market, the translator focuses on not ignoring this aspect.

There are several idioms, metaphors, and saying in the Taiwanese market and it can be easy to translate if the translator is well aware of it.

For this, you must reach out to the professional translators.

3- Be Careful With Sarcasm

You cannot just make your content reach out to different audiences and this is the main reason why is translation important.

However, without knowing the needs and preferences of the Taiwanese people it is not sure that they would like the sarcasm in your content.

While delivering the content, you need to understand the tone, style, and context of your solutions and how it fits into the Taiwan market.

Professional translators know better about the market and thus deliver the best translation.

4- Word Order

Word order is a common challenge while translating into the Taiwanese language.

As in the majority of the languages where the languages are prominent, the object of the sentence is placed first.

This is important when going for suitable document translation solutions in any case.

For example, there is the sentence “I eat a banana” in English will appear “banana I ate” in Taiwanese language.

5- Lack of Verb Conjugation

During translation, the major complexity lies in verb conjunction and tenses.

There are a lot of tenses describing moments in the past, present, and future.

It is really hard for translators to find out the right tense in order to translate the content in the best way in the Taiwanese language.

6- Multiple Meanings

There are several meanings of the same word, but there is a need to use the right word for a particular context.

The most popular translation company who have professional translators always pay attention to things.

They are well equipped with the vocab and ensure to pick out the right word that fits best in all senses.

Using words without knowing the actual meaning with respect to the context could create problems in legal and medical sector.

Therefore, accuracy needs to be maintained to ensure great translation in Taiwanese language.


When you want to reach out to a new market, the best way is to get by translation.

Translation allows us to make the solutions best available and this helps to establish great connections.

So, while finding out Taiwanese translation solutions, it is really important for you to check is translation affordable who offers great quality solutions.

Quality translation at affordable prices can help you best to connect with the Taiwanese market. If you are looking for the best Taiwanese translation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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