Chinese Content Translation: Why Should You Translate Content into Chinese Language?

Undoubtedly, China is one of the world’s most attractive markets. Tapping into this market is a profitable step for companies that want growth. But all of your efforts might go in vain if you don’t focus on Chinese content translation.

The majority of the Chinese population speaks Mandarin and their local dialect. The majority of the individuals do not speak Hindi, English, Japanese, Portuguese, and so on. Those who speak multiple languages are shown more importance in the main cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong.

Research has shown that even when consumers can understand another language they choose to buy from a company that communicates in their native language.

With premium translation of content into the Chinese language, you will increase your chances of connecting with millions of Chinese customers.

Top Reasons to Translate Content into the Chinese Language

1. Expand Your Customer Base

In this globalized world, effective content translation is important for multiple reasons. For brands to attract consumers from the international market, content must be given in their mother tongue.

There are many studies that show that more than 70% of consumers invest most of their time visiting websites in their first language. The same number of people also claim that they are more likely to purchase from a website that has info in a familiar dialect.

Adding to that, customers are not prone to buy a product from a website that is not in their own language and the majority of customers visit sites that are in their preferred language. That’s why faultless business translation in Chinese is important.

2. Give More Value To Mother Tongue

Apart from the cultural richness, the native language is something that Chinese people get attracted to the most. They do not give too much importance to learning foreign languages.

China is considered to have low English proficiency. Therefore even if your company communicates in the English language, which is one of the most common languages in the business world, it might not help you reach Chinese customers.

Properly translating your content like website pages, apps, marketing materials, and various other business documents into the Chinese language, can help you increase your chances to build a Chinese customer base.

Once you become successful in engaging with Chinese customers, your sales will touch the rooftop. So, plan to translate website into Chinese language for business.

3. Boost More Profits

The Chinese economy is spreading with more and more companies investing in the country’s development.

Many foreign companies are planning to build business relations with the Chinese company and expand their customer base. Most companies are not concentrating to hire professional Chinese translators to make complex content understandable.

Every content should be translated accurately because even a minor mistake can lead to a big reason. It can the business in terms in multiple ways:

a)- Negatively affecting the reputation
b)- Impact on the brand profits
c)- Legal Consequences

4. Your Company Deals Internationally

Many shopping websites cater to international crowds with international shipping as well as multiple payment options. In spite of this, the majority of these websites concentrate on English-only content.

By offering customers the product information in their own language through fruitful Chinese dialect translation, you can massively increase the chances of making more profits.

5. Increased Usage Of Smartphones And The Internet

Around 750 million people in China use the internet on a daily basis which is more than 55% of the population. What is more shocking is, that 95% of them use their phones to go online. In other words, Chinese people are majorly addicted to phones.

Businesses that deal in games and apps shouldn’t ignore targeting this fruitful market. Perfectly translating your content into the Chinese language can strengthen your marketing game.

Translating content into the Chinese language from one of the trustworthy Chinese translation companies can increase the chances to expand in a new market.

China has a growing market with people who want to try new companies or brands and explore new facilities or services.


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