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Right from television production companies to legal firms and financial institutions, every organization outsources transcription. Though most business owners refrain from professional transcription, considering it to be an added cost, it is certainly a value-added investment that delivers higher returns on investment with time. Obviously, anything in written format serves as a testament or simply a reminder of corporate communication held at a previous date.

Here in this blog, we will explore how outsourcing transcription can be a key to business growth in your domain.

1. Save Time, Money, Resources

Managing resources while saving your time is a tough task. But, through outsourcing, you can ensure that both your time, money and other resources are managed well without making you waste even a single penny. Unlike other in-house employees, you need not to provide perks, fixed salaries or even invest in office space, electricity and training. Moreover, the in-house transcriptionists will be underused when the volume of the work decreases. So, it is better to outsource the task from professionals.

2. Meeting Urgent Needs

Transcription is not an ongoing need in most of the organizations. While you may have no requirement for outsourcing affordable transcription services in Mumbai for a certain period of time, you may suddenly encounter an urgent need for transcribing a huge amount of work within a very short TAT. Therefore, when you outsource the task, you can be rest assured that all your video and audio recordings will be provided to you in text format and that too within the desired time frame.

3. Focus On Core Business

To get the recordings transcribed, most of the business owners delegate transcription assignments to their in-house employees, which in turn, hampers their daily productivity. As a result, business owners are unable to achieve their targets. With a constant decrease in business productivity and efficiency, you can never fulfill your mission and vision. So, it is better to outsource the task, get the professionals handle everything and let the in-house employees focus on their core activities. The exertion caused due to multi-tasking will also be reduced.

4. Keep a Written Record Of Meetings

Outsourcing transcription helps you keep note of all the discussions held during a meeting or a conference. While your in-house employees may leave out a point or two (unconsciously), professional and quick audio transcription by experts will ensure that everything recorded in the audio tape will be transcribed with a great level of precision.

5. No Burden on HR

With zero time spent on hiring and training in-house transcription employees, it will be easier for the HR department to focus on their core activities. When transcriptionists leave due to certain reasons, the HR personnel won’t have to worry about hiring a complete staff.

Transcription may seem to be an easy task, but it is very time consuming and complex as well. If you prefer to not outsource the task at the cost of failing to achieve your company’s goals, then it is completely your call. However, if fulfilling your organization’s goals is really important for you, you must definitely outsource affordable transcription in Mumbai from a reputed vendor. Now, the point is, how will you select the right transcription company. Today, there are a number of companies in the market that claim to offer the best transcription in thee fastest TAT. So, how do you pick the right option?

The answer is very simple. Just look out for a few features that make a transcription company the right choice for you.

♦ Assures 99% accuracy
♦ Must be ISO certified
♦ Works with native transcribers
♦ Assures 100% confidentiality

A company with all these features is undoubtedly the best transcription company to work with. One such company is TridIndia. It possesses years of experience in the transcription domain and has been working with multilingual transcribers from fashion, legal, technical, medical, and various other specialization genres.

Are you ready to increase your business efficiency? Do you want to work with happier and productive in-house employees? If yes, join hands with us to outsource your entire transcription requirement to us. Please be noted that we do not provide automatic transcription; everything is done manually by experienced human transcribers. So, if you are concerned about quality, be rest assured that your project is in safe hands. What you’ll get on the table will be a great example of quality and authenticity. Be it urgent medical transcription in Chennai or simply general transcription, we deliver it within the shortest time frame with 100% focus on quality and your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us and work out on a pricing plan that is ideal as per your budget. Let us be a helping hand. Call us right away at +91-8527599223


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