Benefits of Video Game Localization: Why it Matters for Your Video Game?

The gaming market is going global. Therefore, understanding the benefits of video game localization matters a lot for your business. Because a vast majority of games don’t play a video game unless it is in their native language.

Surprisingly, video game usage has escalated since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), video games are offering a significant solution for many people around the world amid this global health crisis.

As a result, video game companies are striving to take their video game products to the next level by making them accessible for gamers in as many international markets as feasible through effective video games localization.

For video games, to achieve a global reach, localization is the most effective technique to expand the market and reach more target gamers.

Let’s take a deep dive into the enormous benefits that localization has to offer to make your video game popular globally.

Benefits of Video Game Localization

Localization brings with it plenty of benefits for your business and your video game fans. Here they are:

1- Skyrocket Your Sales

Video games are the most impressive way to keep your audience entertained. You’ll hardly find people who don’t like playing video games.

Suppose, if your video game is not localized, do you think people would invest their time to play?


If you want to join the brigade of the companies that have already localized their video games and enjoying massive sales, just Go Ahead!

Your company will eventually witness a huge rise in sales when it will understand video game localization and its importance to survive in the gaming industry. This will result in an increase in ROI in the long run.

2- Make Your Gamers Feel Important

Localization offers you an excellent opportunity to please the existing and new players.

It’s crucial for your business to go the extra mile and you will have a stream of followers that endorse your game in a way that feels like it was designed for them only.

3- Better App Store Rankings

There are a plethora of games in the mobile app store of every country. Do you think every one of them is 5-star rated? Of course, not!

But, the ones with 5-star ratings have one thing in common—localization. Research shows that video games in English merely reach 27% of the global gaming market.

If you want to boost your video game’s downloads, ensure that it is properly localized by using advanced localization techniques.

As a video game developer, you shouldn’t overlook the power of mobile gaming as well. After all, mobile gaming captures around 60% of the total gaming market.

We have a small secret to share: the mobile gaming market is expected to get doubled by 2030.

4- Larger Target Market

There are many video game players across the world.

Why target a small market when you can target the global market.

Your video game is already prepared so rather than focusing on a sequel, why not boost its potential players? And then launch another sequel.

The video game localization process is quite fast and has the ability to increase your fan base as well as generate more revenue.

If you keep in mind the huge importance of localization of your video game and localize it accurately, your game may even be very famous in a different country!

5- Offer Unique Experience To Gamers

Have you wondered why you began developing video games in the first place?

To bring new worlds to existence? What about making unforgettable memories for your players?

Whatever your reason, when you localize your business for your valuable players across the globe, you offer them a unique experience of your masterful creation.

6- Helps You Stay Ahead in a Fierce Competition

If you think every gaming company uses video game localization solutions, then you might be wrong.

Many organizations haven’t realized the actual potential of video game localization.

If this is so, why wait for them to be your competition?

Get in touch with a reliable localization company and localize your games to stand out in the crowd. Taking this step can eventually make your video game more competitive in the global market.

Ensure Your Localized Video Game Entices Your Audience

Video games will never go out of date. If your gaming is localized and engaging, it will surely attract target players and benefit your companies. It would be a wise decision if you hire a localization company that satisfies your video game localization requirements in no time!

Get your video game localized today by giving us a call at +91-8527599523 or send us an free quote now.

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