English Transcription And Its Importance

As audio/video continues to become an important part of the marketing mix, it would be right to say that visual marketing has become an essential business marketing module. But have you ever thought about English transcription and its importance for those multimedia formats to extract real value for the hard work you put in?

Mixing multimedia formats with transcription is a perfect way to cover all the aspects for reaching a wider audience. Most people have their own preferences on how they want to engage the audience with online content so they can serve more people by giving them choices on whether to hear, view or read their information. However, there are some important things every business owner should know about.

So, here we will discuss English transcription and how it is important for gaining an extra benefit over your competitors.

Understanding English Transcription

English transcription is a process in which audio or speech is converted into a written document in English. Generally, transcription is used in different fields to keep a record of meetings or communication between two companies as noting down everything is a tedious task. So, by recording the communication and then transcribing it in English becomes way convenient.

There are six key important factors of adding comprehensive English transcription to your audio/video content formats and here they are.

The Importance of English Transcription

1. Adds To Your SEO Strategy

If your website only provides videos or podcasts without text it likely would not get high search rankings, regardless of the content. The more valuable information you can give search engines, the more likely your business will get the visibility. Especially, when you transcribe your audio or video in English, people get more involved in it as it is a very popular language.

With transcription, not only will transcripts be full of keywords that define your services, you will be delivering followers and bots with original content for indexations.

2. Scale Content Creation

When you transcribe video or say podcasts that you create as audio or video content, you can reuse it in some other way. For example, videos are the best way to engage with customers. You can also make presentations with videos and in the case of webinars, it is a perfect way to interact with the audience during the presentation. But, not everyone gets an opportunity to view the video content. This is when you can consider user-friendly transcription of audio content and then reuse them as different types of content such as articles, blogs, newsletters, and e-books. This will also assist you to improve your lead generation efforts.

3. Increase Engagement

The comprehensive services for transcription in English will help you engage your audience when it’s time to make a sales pitch. If your viewers understand the language of your content, then there will be constant engagement with your brand which is very essential when it’s a matter of increasing sales objectives. Using English transcription content to drive audience from one platform to another will make them engage better with your brand.

For example, you can add snippets of a webinar to your twitter and request your followers to watch the full thing on your site. Adding a small pop up asking your viewers to sign up or subscribe to your website/channel after watching a video will generate more leads to your email list without any additional cost.

4. Provides a Convenient Reference To Audio

The greatest benefit to researches who have access to your English transcribed content is that they will have a reference to follow. Instead of going back and listening to an audio or watching a video in some other language that they don’t understand clearly to recollect the information, researchers can instantly scan the text written in English which is obviously the easiest language to understand to find the points they are looking for. It helps them to save time and effort. This is the top-most tailor made importance of transcription.

5. Allows You To Add Links To Text

When you include links to your transcript you can open up many more web content for visitors to explore. Your latest recording may touch on topics you have already written about in earlier blogs, in which can add links that can also utilize as cross-promotion for your guests. Deep content is the key to keep people on your site.

6. Safer Business Dealings

Whether you are having a face to face meeting with a client from some other country, or having an interview or a conference call, you should have an appropriate English transcript of these meetings to be 100% sure regarding what was agreed on during the meeting. English is the common language that almost every person all around the world use to communicate from someone who belongs to some other country or culture.

Including transcripts into your everyday business dynamics will protect both you as well as your client, long-term. An added benefit is that you can work on your negotiation tactics by going through the transcripts and figuring out which part of your presentation need fixing.

With this, you might now know what is transcription and its importance and can take the right step for your business success.


Transcribing your content will boost traffic and ensure your content reaches as many people as possible. Being a professional transcription agency, we would suggest you consider transcription for your podcasts or videos to become visible to search engines. Transcribing them into articles or blogs will increase your organic visitors. Therefore, build your business by using our transcription service today!

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