Errors in Subtitling: What Needs To Be Avoided When Doing Subtitling?

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Even a minor error in the subtitle can make a video flop, which you might have created by putting in so much effort. A wrong subtitled video brings no ROI rather it leads to confused viewers. You probably don’t want this, right?

Subtitling errors are sometimes funny and harder to ignore. A misspelled word is enough to offend anyone and change the entire meaning of what you wanted to say. Therefore, its important that correct subtitling is used for translating a speech and displaying it as text on the screen.

Those who are unfamiliar with subtitling would likely assume that it is an easy process. There would be a software where you just need to put the text and then it will automatically set the timings and split the sentences? Is it that simple? No.

The reality of subtitles is not as simple as many of you might think. It needs proper skill and knowledge to observe wrong subtitling signs. Many common mistakes come, again and again, you just need to concentrate a bit more to reduce the friction.

Here, we have listed some of the subtitling errors you should know.

Common Errors in Subtitling

1. Mismatch of Text with the Style of Voice

In a video, when there are many actors of the same age, you will notice that everyone has the same speaking style. This means that the text displayed on the screen should also match their style. It should not look off.

For example, if a video includes only children then your subtitling should have the same tone or intent. Too formal vocabulary in such a video will make less sense.

If there are different characters, speaking a different language, you should concentrate on the style to help the audience identify the language differences and relate to the situation they see. If you create videos for the social platform, you can easily get worthwhile subtitling For Youtube channel too.

2. Wrong Punctuation

To keep! and? marks in the subtitle are very important to convey a clear meaning. Without using punctuations, you will only make senseless sentences and leave viewers in a confused state. If you want to make the character clearly understood by the audience, punctuation is very important.

Grammar fluency is a must to avoid errors and enhance the quality of subtitles.

3. Maintaining an Unwanted Foreign Sense

If you want to create translated subtitles, you need to jump from one language to another and deal with many cultural differences. Keeping unshared information will increase the chances of your audience getting confused. Due to the differences in the language and culture, it is not possible to maintain the same style in everything.

The subtitling expert should find a simplified and correct word that’s equally meaningful as the original language. Here, you’ll definitely need the assistance of professionals providing reliable subtitling.

4. Keeping Short Time Gap Between Subtitles

It’s the most common error that many makes. It’s an issue that can be found in most of the videos available on the internet. Not everyone has a good speed of reading lines within no time. Generally, humans take longer to read in comparison to speak. When adding subtitles to a video, make sure that the time gap is above 2 seconds.

Keeping the time gap short between subtitles will leave your audience frustrated and they will likely switch to your competitors. Especially the deaf viewers will find it difficult to consume any video if you are keeping subtitles short. Therefore, make sure there is enough gap so that viewers can read peacefully without any hurry.

5. Unreadable Texts

How the audience will read if the text is too small or in the wrong color? Keeping in mind that many viewers watch videos from their phones, you must focus on such minor details. It will enhance the user experience even more.

When you are deciding on the color of the text, the background should also be taken into account. Therefore, avoid:

White text on white background
Purple text on Red background
Light text on a dark background

Good subtitling can easily get ignored if it’s not properly visible because of the text size or the background color. Even a minor mistake can make a huge difference.


At first, it will look easy to do subtitles all by yourself, but later you will find the complicated situations that come with it. And that’s where you will need experts. At Tridindia, we help you with the best and most accurate subtitles for increasing your video’s reach. Our team has helped many brands to spread their content across the world.

We always work to improve and bring new aspects to our solutions so that we can satisfy all your expansion needs. To know more get in touch with us at +91-8527599201 or get an immediate quote now!

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