What is a Bad Translation And What Makes a Bad Translation?

Can you judge the quality of a translation, if you don’t understand the language? Probably, you can’t. You will eventually get to know about it later because there will always be consequences of bad translation.

Bad translations could be the top-most reason that you are unable to enter a new market. When you decide to translate your business material or product information, there are many error sources you need to focus on while translating. You need to devote your time to good quality human translation that resonates with your company, product, and your target customers.

For proper understanding, here we’ll discuss what exactly bad translation is and what are the things that lead to a poor translation. Go through the information and convey the details about your brand in a more efficient manner and with high-quality texts.

Understanding Bad Translation

The translated document that conveys a different meaning than the original one is referred to as a bad translation. Bad translation doesn’t happen because of only one thing, there is a combination of factors that includes panicked phone calls, tight deadlines, lack of knowledge about the target audience’s culture, and many more.

The translator should have proper knowledge about the people and the culture that needs to be targeted and they should also have enough time to do manual business translation properly.

Things That Leads To Bad Translation

1. Lack Of Transparency

It should be your primary consideration. This is the top factor that needs to be checked when a translation company tells you about the translation team that will be working on your content. Transparency indicates commitment and respect when your translation vendor is ready to tell you about the linguist’s qualifications. It would be even better if you can communicate with those translators.

When there is transparency, you know what you will get in return for your investment. It will help to solve problems way easily and bring a sense of commitment to the translators by providing comprehensive translation for document.

2. Long Sentences & Grammar Errors

Do you check how long your sentences are going? You might ignore this but it’s the most essential thing for having a good quality translation. There is some content on the internet which have 50, and even 95 words in one single sentence. Yes, you read that right, 95.

No matter what language you are translating in, long sentences are difficult to understand, and translating them becomes way more complicated.

Your sentences should stick to 26 words or lesser than that.

One more thing that can lead to bad translation is an error in grammar and style. You need to make sure that the content has good grammar and that the writing style is effective enough to engage the audience.

3. Lack Of Knowledgeable Linguists

Knowledgeable translators provided by trustworthy business translation company play a big role in creating the good translation. Here, there are two types of qualifications you need to check as per your needs. Some people are professional linguists and skilled enough to write about certain professionals. Others are linguists and professionals as well in other fields. If a company claims to have a large team of professional translators but in reality, they have limited translators, this is a red flag.

Obviously, you would want to have the support of talented linguists who can translate your documents with the right knowledge. Your chosen translation company should have knowledge about your brand, documentation, and subject matter expertise.

4. Compound Words

The combination of two or three nouns and adjectives is defined as compound words. The compound words hold two forms- closed forms and open forms. Some examples of closed forms are hyphenated like long distances, notebook and example of the open form is fighter pilot.

There are some compound words that are straightforward. In such a case, a translator can get confused. Therefore, it’s important that the document having compound words should be translated with more concentration to avoid every mistake.

Choosing a translation company on the basis of availability and cost can be a short-term solution that can, later on, throw you in big trouble. Selecting native translators with industry-specific knowledge can benefit you in the long term by overcoming major translation challenges. With their assistance, you can ensure that the translation would be of the highest quality.


For correct translation, one needs professionalism. With the right knowledge and support, you can eliminate common errors that can lead to good translation. Here at Tridindia, we support our clients with top-notch translation for international growth. Our 18 years of experience in this industry can guarantee you satisfaction and error-free translated document.

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