Features of Transcription Services: 5 Major Qualities of Transcription

Knowing just about the transcription will just give you an idea, but also knowing the features of transcription services will help you understand how it actually benefits your business.

We all live in a world where written texts are given much preference over oral communication.

Specifically, in the business world, even a slight mistake in communication can become the subject of legal penalties. Thus, one must not ignore the importance of correct transcription – the art of converting audio into text.

With a well-transcribed copy of a specific audio file, your employees get easy access to written records, conveying the organization’s rules, upcoming product features, business strategies and more.

But, do all transcription service providers offer you the right and exactly the same type of services? Don’t you think you need something extra?

This blog will be going to highlight all the essential transcription characteristics to look for before you pay huge bucks to any service provider.

Slide down to check out the features right away.

5 Qualities of Transcription You Must Know

This is the biggest question that most modern-day business owners ask. Outsourcing language transcription is not a big deal when you have thousands of options to choose from.

The major hurdle in the path is searching for the right solutions.

So, if you are currently concerned about finding the suitable solutions for your business needs, here are the major features to eye upon –

1- Data Security

First and foremost, you must check that transcription offered by any random service provider is 100% secure and confidential.

The videos and audios that you need to get transcribed may be very confidential.

So, you must look for a comprehensive guide to select transcription company to find the right agency that assures the privacy of information.

Even if the information is not confidential, you must not risk relying on any company without proper investigation.

2- Multiple File Formats

What if you are in conversation with a service provider for a long time, and after a long list of incoming outgoing emails, you finally decide to go with the transcription firm.

When you finally share your audio or video file, the company says – Sorry, the file format of the audio/video file is not acceptable. It will be such a huge waste of your precious time.

So, it is always better to check if the service provider works on all file formats.

3- Language Pairs

Just like the file formats, you must also check the language pairs accepted by the service provider.

You may be needing accurate Marathi transcription to translate audio/video to English, Japanese to Chinese transcription or any other language pair.

So, you must be very clear about your requirements and check in advance if the service provider can help you with a specific language pair.

4- Quick Turnaround Time

One of the biggest features of professional-grade transcription is a faster turnaround.

Depending on the size and complexity of the original file, the service provider will let you know about a feasible duration of time within which the file would be delivered to your end.

Before you place an instant order human transcription online, you can ask for the turnaround time from one vendor and compare it with others.

The one who commits the shortest time frame with quality is the ideal pick for you.

5- Quality Control

Last but not the least, you must look for a service that is offered after thorough quality check procedures.

Obviously, it is very difficult to know whether the output delivered to you has been passed through rigorous QC procedures.

This is why you must always confirm or ask about the quality procedure from the company in advance.

Final Thought

If you want better-written records for your oral communication, if you wish to neglect the risk of important information being lost? then look for certified business transcription solutions that can help.

With the help of talented and multilingual transcribers, you can get any type of video in any language spoken gets transcribed by professionals.

Plus, they will clearly understand all of your concerns and requirements.

In short, getting help from a professional transcriber may make your work easy and also saves your time.

Get in touch with our project managers and know about our transcription solutions. Give us a quick call today at +91-8527599523 or simply ask for a free quote.

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