Types of Website Translation: 5 Industries that Should Translate their Websites

Translating a website has become highly essential these days in this digital era. Thus, knowing different types of website translation is needed as most trade happens through an online portal only.

Your website gives a clear picture of your business or brand to your existing and new customers.

By translating your website into your customer’s native languages, you build up trust as well as confidence in your company. This increases the chances of people staying on your website for a longer time.

But most of the company make a big blunder in choosing an effective website translation solution for your company because there are numerous types.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the industries that can get benefit from website translation and make their business global.

Let’s begin.

5 Industries that Should Translate their Website

Here are popular the 5 industries that can hugely profit from having a multilingual website..

1- eCommerce Website Translation

In the global market, online sales are boost sales are booming steadily year after year. As per Statista, in 2020, retail eCommerce sales witnessed a growth of about 4.2 trillion US dollars globally and now they are ready to reach more than 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022.

Have you ever thought about what popular brands like IKEA, Amazon, and Nike have in common? These brands have multilingual eCommerce websites.

The lesson is that, to enter the popular top eCommerce markets, you need a strong platform that supports many languages for your global audience.

With this in mind, most eCommerce giants can adapt their business websites to promote and sell their products in multiple languages.

The e-commerce translation is a great dream booster when it comes to internationalizing your business.

2-Gaming Website Translation

Do you have a gaming website? A gaming website shouldn’t need to worry about anything else apart from good games.

What will be the techniques you follow in order to make your website appeal to most users, globally?

The gaming sector has been witnessing huge exponential growth recently. And there is one more fact that it is not always assured that a game designed for English speakers will be completely effective.

Keeping this fact in mind, most game developers should accurately translate a website into multiple languages. This may help them to expand their gaming market and connect with more gamers worldwide.

3- Travel & Tourism Website Translation

Before heading to a popular holiday destination, travellers often collect information about the following things:

hotels, hostels and other accommodation
landmarks, sightseeing, culture
transportation providers (buses, trains, planes)
tour and event organizers

As you know, English is not always sufficient and having access to their local languages is enormously crucial to consumers.

If you are running a travel company, it would be beneficial for your to go for manual travel website translation in your mother tongue. This may help someone book an affordable tour or hotel with you or reap the benefit of your services.

4- e-learning Website Translation

With globalization ascending, the vast majority of learners across the globe are enrolling themselves to take online training as well as courses.

When your target audience can equally understand and relate to the easily accessible online learning content you share with them, they find it easy to remember it.

Did you know: Out of the entire world’s population, only around 20% of individuals speak English and the rest of the speak their native languages.

This means, there is a big role of elearning translation in helping E-learning companies to reach a plethora of regional language learners as well as boost annual revenue.

5- Banking Website Translation

The sector of finance and banking has always been high in demand for translation solutions because they perpetually get new consumers in foreign countries.

It can help them to connect with global consumers without any problems.

Different financial data are translated worldwide to build strong relationships and trust with financial consumers worldwide.

This aspect of the financial business will always be in trend at the top position as the global trading popularity as well as opportunities are increasing constantly.


Apart from the above-listed sectors, there are many more industries that should use powerful translation solutions for their business.

Thus, going global by implementing the right tactics can help any business to grow and earn more.

For any business, investing in website translation solutions will help improve their brand image on a global scale and also result in, boosting your revenue every year.

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