Game Content Marketing Strategy: How to Adopt Content Marketing Strategies for Your Game Launch?

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To make a big impact on your audience, you need a full-proof Game Content Marketing Strategy. The reason is only 10% of the games launched per year gain a huge 90% of the revenue generated in the gaming industry.

You heard it right.

This is because other games failed to connect with the right players because of poor marketing.

So, what’s one thing that you need to improve?

The gaming business is thriving, and if you want to reap the benefits of its growth, you will need to adopt effective content marketing strategies to reach and engage players.

Let’s dive into a few of the proven strategies suggested by reliable translation company you can use to transform your dull game into something engaging and interactive.

Content Marketing Strategies You Should Adopt for Your Game Launch

1. Social media

Social media is the most popular tool to help you connect with a wider audience.

With a plethora of various gamer niches, you are required to fine-tune your buyer persons as well as audience segments to effectively target your reach.

Pro Social Media Tips:

YouTube Gaming is an excellent initiative to build up user engagement and interact with your audience.

Make use of your social accounts to create awareness about your game, competitions, offers, etc.

Promote your social accounts within your game to captivate more players.

If your gamers speak different languages, with effective social media content translation, you can get your game-related social media posts translated.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a great source of hype that has been bringing great benefits to businesses to boost audience reach.

In that case, when you introduce gaming influencers to your platforms where your target market is active and enable them to publish something interesting about your game, this way you get the chance to capture your audience’s attention.

Pro Influencer Marketing Tips:

Post influencer generated content on your own social accounts. This is the right way to promote your brand and swiftly build your brand’s credibility.

Use giveaways promoted by popular influencers to generate engagement.

3. A compelling website

A website for your business is as crucial as having a local store or office.

Understand, your website reflects what your business is all about. It must have everything that your target market wants to know about your business as well as the game such as your release date, price, platforms on which your game is easily available, etc.

You can opt for a powerful website localization process to localize your website for multilingual gamers.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most affordable ways to draw traffic to your website.

HubSpot tells that 86% of firms mainly focus on generating blog content in comparison to other different approaches.

Blogging captures your audience’s attention much faster, builds customer trust, boosts search engine ranking, transforms your business as a thought leader in your industry as well as sells more products.

Pro Blogging Tips:

Keep your target market completely engaged by telling about your developer stories through your impactful blogs.

Initiate guest blogging to get more exposure.

5. Posting in forums

Well-known for exchanging information and encouraging discussions, forums are among the most effective content marketing strategies to increase your brand awareness.

Tip: You can take the major advantages of good translation to translate your content for posting in forums.

One thing that video gaming companies have to remember is that they need to go where their target audience is present.

You can help your potential consumers by addressing their queries and concerns, improving your networking, and even improving your collaborations with a few talents on forums.

6. Podcasting

Over 47 million podcast episodes are mentioned on different platforms around the internet as well as podcast listeners are found to be highly active on social platforms in comparison to different demographics.

The increase in smartphone usage has also given rise to this content marketing strategy. With gaming podcasts already aired on various platforms, think about featuring as a guest on a famous program on the podcast.

Gaming companies are opting for essential podcast transcription solutions for a better understanding of the listeners.

This move will be helpful in gathering more audience attention and boosting your exposure to a great extent.

7. Video marketing

As the world is soaking up video content more effectively, you can ignore this strategy at all.

This approach helps build a connection between you and your target market, boost your SEO effort, improve your clickthrough, and maximize the information your customers hold by 65%.

Rather than being among the most influential tools to drive your audience, video marketing needs a lot of research and effective strategy to receive the best results. Working with the right marketing company that specializes in content marketing can surely benefit your business.

Because of video marketing, the need for impactful video game localization and its importance is also increasing.

In Conclusion

Content marketing power up your marketing efforts effectively influences your lead generation and increases your conversions. Though these strategies may appear easy to follow, it takes many efforts to strategically accomplish your success. But working with a reputed company will put you ahead of the competition.

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