How to Increase the Reach of Your Videos? [3 Effective Ways]

Video content is the “future of marketing” which is quickly becoming the ideal way to engage audiences. But. If your videos are not getting enough reach, then How to increase the reach of your videos? Let’s find the answer together.

Once the company invests the money and time into developing videos that promote its services and products, the very next step is to build a strategy to ensure that they reach several people around the globe.

Because several videos are uploaded to websites as well as social media each day, it’s possible that they are not obtaining the viewership the company is expecting to get.

Then, simply how to make your content global?

If you want to know how to ramp up your video marketing strategy, then read on to discover a few effective ways to boost the reach of your videos.

How to Increase the Reach of Your Videos?

Video SEO is among the ways to make sure that videos will get found while people enter a query into a search engine.

Video SEO aims to ensure that search engine bots can spot the content, acknowledge it, and index the content that matches the search inquiries.

So, let’s learn the ways that not just increase your video ranking on the search engine but also boost its reach.

1- Subtitles Boost SEO & Attract Global Viewers

Subtitles are basically translated text lines that show up on the screen the time video plays.

The high popularity of subtitling is because they are particularly crucial for viewers who don’t speak the language widely spoken in the video.

International viewers will simply find their queries if the content involves subtitles.

The key benefit of subtitles for SEO is that they offer another way for search engines to read the video, enabling them to rank the content quickly based on particular keywords.

Just imagine: A search engine, like Google, can’t view a video, but it will accept the text that is linked to it, like titles, descriptions, and different keywords.

With subtitles, you can embed a large number of keywords into the video, making the search engine identify it.

Also, effective subtitling help boost SEO by making the user experience highly engaging, increasing the amount of time people spend on viewing the videos.

2- Transcriptions Play a Crucial Role

Video + transcript plays a crucial in boosting SEO rankings.

Transcription includes converting the audio/video files into text. As transcripts get a textual element to videos, it assists bots to monitor the data and get a more thorough understanding of the content of the video page.

Transcriptions are specifically useful for individuals when people comprehend the language that is spoken widely in the video but maybe an accent makes it more complex for them to understand.

Including transcriptions to videos have many SEO benefits, such as:

One of the crucial benefits of video transcription is that many new keyword possibilities can be uncovered.

Transcriptions can be well translated to draw a global audience, including the number of people finding the video.

Users can simply search for various topics by accessing transcriptions.

Transcripts can be utilized based on other online content, like blogs, which can be quickly linked to the videos, making them quite more searchable.

3- Captions Improve SEO through Better Engagement

Same as subtitles and transcripts, involving video captioning will go a long way to boost SEO.

Viewers enjoy reading captions, specifically due to the written text provides context to what they are viewing. Also, successful video captioning allows viewers to view videos in quiet environments, like an office or library.

As such, the videos are engaging enough to allow the viewers to watch them whether the sound is on or off; captions will make sure that viewers will keep looking at the videos.

The more time they invest in the video, the better the SEO ranking will be.

With many videos about a wide spectrum of topics available to individuals worldwide, it is important to implement a powerful SEO strategy to view global viewers.

To make sure that videos reach globally, partner with a competitive translation company in Pune that specializes in multilingual SEO.


After a company spends the money and time on developing videos, the next step is to ensure that they have a wider read.

If you are already doing an SEO of your video, try out the above-mentioned techniques to take your efforts to the next level. Or simply hire a company that offers all these solutions while ensuring accuracy and relevancy.

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