Importance of Kannada Subtitling: Why to Subtitle your Video in Kannada Language?

By the year 2022, around 82% of web traffic are observed to come from the video content, according to a report. People are bending more towards watching videos and listening to podcasts, and this is the reason why multimedia content is becoming an important aspect of marketing campaigns.

Kannada is a famous language spoken in India, especially in the state of Karnataka. The native speakers of Kannada are known as Kannadigas and there are around 38 million people speaking Kannada around the world. This makes it one of the most important languages when it comes to reaching millions of new consumers directly. In this era of internet, subtitled videos in the Kannada language are important to reach that millions of audiences who will help you in growth. Professional subtitles increase the audience size by making your video content accessible and understandable for people globally.

Here, we will discuss more the importance of reliable Kannada subtitling and how it benefits your business.

Key Importance of Kannada Subtitling

1. Establishing Business on social media

Nowadays, social media channels are constantly increasing. Surveys show that the total number of Facebook active users are estimated to be more than 2.6 billion people around the world. The largest portion of this number comes from India. Hence, generating videos about your offerings assists you to promote your products and services to a wide scope of people. Meanwhile, subtitling your videos in Kannada is the most effective way for reaching millions of audiences from India.

2. Subtitles Boost Reach

Incorporating subtitles to videos means that Google and other search engines will be able to pick up on the subtitles and use them as your keywords for global audiences, which should improve your rankings immensely and enhance your SEO for the source language site. Therefore, top-notch subtitling solutions are important.

3. Language Acquisition

Professional subtitles don’t only assist an individual to understand the content but they also help people who want to learn other languages. An individual will carefully listen to the words being spoken in the film and will try to match the translated version with the subtitle. Normally for this task, the learner needs to make notes while watching the content.

People learning a new language may hence utilize language subtitles to understand the language of the video more efficiently.

4. It’s a Smart Business Decision

Current data represents that 85% of Facebook users are watching video content without any sound. This is a huge portion of people just from one website. It would not be wrong to say that users view videos in the same manner on other websites. Hence, if you want to gain more viewers, you should add subtitles to your videos.

5. Provide Convenient User Experience

Another significance of subtitles is to provide your audience with a memorable and convenient experience. A survey showed that about 85% of Facebook users watch videos without any sound. This clearly means that if you want to reach an array of new Kannada viewers, you need to utilize the benefits of subtitles in the Kannada language. This might made you understand effective subtitling and its importance.

Not only on Facebook but on many other channels, the audience prefer watching videos with sound off. This relies on the audience’s preferences. Providing your audience with the chance to watch the video or just read the subtitles will assure that more people stay till the end of the video.

Plus, adding subtitles when you are generating your video to your audience in another country assures that they will enjoy the entire experience of the video.

6. Accessibility

The major advantage to add subtitles is boosting accessibility to multimedia content. Accurate subtitling permits viewers who cannot access the auditory aspect of a media file to enjoy the video to the fullest way possible without missing out on any vital sentence. Targeting a new audience is a crucial part of business success.

With the amount of time people invest in viewing videos are increasing day-by-day, accurate subtitling for global business environment is happening to be more important for viewers.


The importance of subtitles is not limited to just entertainment. It has become important for learning and for your business growth too. At Tridindia, we work with subtitle experts who help us in incorporating subtitles to any type of video in the language you want.

With their knowledge and expertise, making your videos accessible and comprehensive becomes easy for any target market. Call us at +91-8527599201 or send a instant quote today to know more.

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