Advantages Of Video Transcription: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Transcribe Your Videos

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With the increasing demand for video content, it is surprising to know that there is not much talk about the benefits of transcription. The majority of people have observed subtitles on videos, or at least know what they are. What they might not know, is that they actually are very beneficial for your video’s success.

You might have heard about transcribing audio files and have probably used the audio transcription solutions once. But is it possible to transcribe videos? Yes, videos can also be transcribed conveniently and it makes sense to do so, especially when you have a video with vital content. For instance, a video on a discussion, an interview or even a conference is understood better when the transcripts are done properly. The professional transcriptionists listen to the video carefully while watching it, and then transcribe the file simultaneously.

In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why you need trustworthy video transcription.

Top Advantages of Video Transcription

1. Follow Legal Compliance

60% of those who have a listening problem is either in an educational setting or in the workforce. Various anti-discrimination laws were followed to keep intact the rights of people with disabilities to access the same resources as others. Some of those laws demand to transcribe the videos so that they are accessible by everyone.

Over the last few years, many companies have faced issues for not transcribing their videos. Basically, the effective way to avoid legal issues is to properly transcribe your videos.

2. Helps People Globally to Understand your Content

A company running operations in various countries, and not all countries speak the same language. Say, for example, a company having operations in Korea might conduct a conference in the Korean language and would want to make the discussion understandable by all the customers or partners to know the business better. Transcribing the video of the meetings could be the easiest way to inform the consumers and business partners about your offerings. To know it better, you need to understand what is video transcription.

3. Helps to Rank Your Video

Professional transcripts assist your content rank in multiple ways. They help to create content for Google to crawl. When Google crawls content, it searches for indicators to identify that content is beneficial for searchers. By having transcription, you are including keywords in your content for SERP to rank.

Crawlers require transcripts to analyse intent and this information will offer more appropriate details about your business. And to mention, relevance is actually a key to rank content.

4. Help Employees Concentrate

Transcribing video provides employees scannable records without making them invest their time or distracting them from actually focusing on the discussion rather than writing down the notes. Video transcription can assist project management to transform a transcript into marketing content.

Surveys have also shown that visual memory is stronger in comparison to auditory memory. If you provide transcripts to the employees for all the auditory or visual training content, they will understand the information better. Therefore, quality and affordable transcription is vital for every business’s growth.

5. Increases Usability

Transcribing videos increase usability and make the user experience better by making the text of the video. By providing your potential viewers with the convenience to listen, watch, or read the content, you permit them to use or share your information more. Transcription actually makes it easier for the user to copy and paste material for reference.

Depending just on a video consumes a lot of time. While many are visual learners, the text is the most beneficial way to learn. A transcript allows you to navigate the text they have missed while the video was going on.

People can just jump to a part that they found difficult and then continue watching. The users through the effective transcription of video content can access the information more efficiently and go through certain points that they want to understand.

Wrapping It Up:

No matter if you have a small or big company, you know the benefit of reaching out to more people and later turning them into your potential customers. Therefore, transcribing your videos become important when you want to widen your reach. Here, Tridindia can help you in transcribing your videos efficiently and to do that we have a big network of skilled transcriptionists with expertise in various domains.

To have a discussion about our transcription solutions with our professional project manager, contact us at +91-8527599223 or send a instant quote to know more.

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