Know the Importance of Telugu Subtitling Today [6 Crucial Facts]

By 2022, 90% of internet traffic will hold video content, as per a report. Increasingly, we are becoming more habitual to watching videos and listening to podcasts, and that is why multimedia content is becoming an important part of many marketing campaigns. This shows how important it is to have Telugu subtitling.

Telugu is the widely spoken language of the Dravidian family and is massively spoken in the Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and the Union Territories of Puducherry by the Telugu people. There are 4 different local tongues in Telugu, just like 3 social dialects that have developed according to the castes, and education class. Therefore, if you are planning to target the Telugu market, subtitling in the Telugu language is important.

Subtitling plays a vital role in making multimedia content conveniently accessible to an array of audiences from various corners of the world. These days, multimedia content belonging to any particular language or country is no longer limited to its native people. People from various languages, backgrounds, and cultures are showing interest in watching them. This keen interest of the audience has made many multimedia content creators from all around the world generate their content in various languages.

The most affordable way that these content creators utilize for making multimedia content appropriate for every audience is by having top-notch Telugu subtitling in the videos. It makes content conveniently accessible to various audiences.

The Importance of Telugu Subtitling

1. Improves Comprehension

People learn in various ways. Some learn through watching and others through doing. And if your viewers are not visual learners, they are not going to get as much from your videos as they need. That is where subtitles come into play. People who learn through reading will be able to consume more from your videos if they have subtitles. The combination of text and video is powerful and encourages more people in comparison to video.

In fact, many people consider watching videos with subtitles even if it’s not necessary. A survey shows that many people prefer watching subtitles provided by a professional subtitling company near me when they are watching movies, TV shows, or corporate videos, even if they are native speakers of the language used in the video. They understand it way conveniently.

Even if those people could watch the video without subtitles, they will feel valued.

2. Offers Clarity Of Any Technical Language, Jargons, And Names

Incorporating subtitles to your video can include clarity to content, including industry jargon, technical language, or brand names. It is beneficial when watching shows that go beyond regular topics. Now, imagine a crime drama or medical series with various technical terminologies, or a fictional series with peculiar places as well as unusual names. It will surely be challenging to along with the characters and the story if the audience does not analyze or know half of the words being spoken. Effective subtitles can provide the clarity you need for audiences and make them enjoy and learn whatever they want.

For abbreviations, listeners, individual names, or lingo may be more difficult to decode, specifically if the viewer is not familiar with your industry. Professional and effective subtitling matters in global business as it can encourage a viewer to analyze information more effectively by providing visual and audio stimulus.

3. Improves Your Video’s Engagement

If people want to watch a video during their break at the office, they would prefer to watch subtitled videos. Turning the sound on is not always possible for everyone. This is the reason why the audience watch 90% of social media videos on mute. When your videos do not have subtitles in your audience’s language, they are probably to stop watching your video after the first 10 seconds.

4. Flexible Viewing In Sound-Sensitive Environments

With subtitles, viewers can view your videos in places where audio is not there. If someone’s on a very noisy train or say on a crowded street, subtitles will convey the speech when the sound is unclear. Subtitles also let the audience enjoy videos on mute in really quite environments such as offices, libraries, or on the train. You can also go through the top benefits of subtitling company to know more.

Autoplaying videos on silent is a common practice in social media platforms nowadays. As per a report, around 85% of videos are played without any sound. However, with subtitles, the audience cannot understand your content.

5. Increases Average Watch Time

If you ever have written notes at a seminar or lecture, knowing you will be more inclined to recall the information at a later time, you have observed how engaging various senses can be. Your audience, shelled with information from every direction online, is much more probably to keep in mind your content if the message is reinforced with both texts as well as audio.

Social media platforms like Facebook’s decision to auto-play with text. With about 85% of social media content watched without any sound, you can believe that social media will become mandatory in the next few years. Subtitles not only attract your audience and maintain their concentration, but they also help the audience to remember your brand.

6. Garner Wider Reach

Subtitles instantly make your video accessible to audiences, who cannot otherwise enjoy the content, for instance- people with hearing disabilities and those for whom the language of your videos is not native. YouTube mainly, permits filtering for subtitled videos for those who only need to browse via those options.

With this, you now know that you can efficiently attract business with local subtitling. Therefore, consider having subtitles for your multimedia content.

Wrapping It Up:

Whether someone is watching a video on mute or just going through their feeds, subtitles can do many things to not only restrict an audience in their tracks but make your brand expand powerfully. For multimedia projects, it is always suggested to hire a professional subtitling company like Tridindia.

This is only because they provide you professional as well as accurate solutions according to your business project in various multilingual languages. To know more get in touch with us at +91-8527599201 or get an instant quote now!

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