Importance of Video Transcription: A Complete Guide to Video Transcription

Nowadays, incorporating transcripts into your videos is very important- even beyond the boundaries of SEO. Incorporating transcripts in your video strategy opens your content to an array of viewers from different corners of the world that speaks various languages. Thus, there is massive importance of video transcription.

Information is best accessed when it is delivered in more interesting ways. Visual information is more encouraged and is processed by the brand more quickly in comparison to plain text. Even more, engagement can be ensured if sound and video both are conveyed by text in form of transcripts. Professional transcripts are provided with the video and can be viewed as a whole script of the content. It highlights the video content in text format therefore, acting as a guide for a complete understanding and bringing convenience to the viewer who can scroll text to reach a certain part of the video. Transcriptions mainly help learn from the material quickly and are generally used by teaching sites.

In this blog, we will discuss some points that show the importance of reliable video transcription.

Top 6 Importance of Video Transcription

1. Ranks Your Video Well

Transcripts help to develop content for Google to crawl. And when Google goes through the content, it is searching for key points to check whether the content is useful to searchers. By providing a video transcription, you will be able to include keywords in your content for Google to rank it well.

Also, because crawlers require top-notch transcripts to analyze the tone and intent, this extra information will add more relevancies which are a big ranking factor.

2. Building Potential links

There is also assured link-building potential when including transcripts in your video. By converting your video content into text and posting it on to your page, you add references for various parts of the video, whether just points being highlighted. This not only delivers your audience a convenient medium of understanding of what you are trying to convey, but error-free transcription of video content also includes some major relevant links around your website.

3. Brings more traffic to your Website

Ranking and traffic come together when it’s a matter of SEO. If one will increase, the other will automatically increase. Therefore, if transcriptions give an advantage to ranking, it will definitely boost your traffic. The more your target keywords will get ranked in Google, the more will be your traffic.

The reasoning is quite obvious. Not even you will be interested in clicking any of the links past the first page of Google. If you don’t get what you are looking for on the first page, you will just rephrase your search keyword again. This is the reason why it is very difficult to rank in, at least on the first page of Google. Through professional transcription, you can bring more traffic and drive more sales.

4. Increase Accessibility

Imagine you are in a place where you cannot access your favorite type of content, and you have no other way to understand the video content. A transcript makes everything easier. It assists you to get quick thoughts about the video as well as audio. This can be utilized in meetings, and your audience can download a copy to read afterward.

5. Decreases the Bounce Rate

Adding transcripts to your video will boost engagement and widen your audience, it is quite understandable why your bounce rates would decrease and the average time on the page would increase. Professional transcription offers more content to customers for consumption. If an individual comes to your page with just a video and they are unable to understand it or listen to the audio, they are going to go to your competitors.

A transcription will help your audience stay longer on your site and you will get more value from what you have created. Therefore, proficient need of video transcription is there to make your video content successful.


Now that you know the importance of transcription for your content, you need to hire someone who knows your industry and your target market to transcribe your content properly. If you want to transcribe your video, Tridindia is the one to rely on.

With our professional transcription, you can stand out from your competitors and can ensure the success of your videos. To know more, call us at +91-8527599223 or send us an instant quote today.

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