Kannada Website Translation: Why Should You Translate Website Into Kannada Language?

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Can a multilingual website really increase value? Any company that has a site needs to attract customers to their products or solutions. But how do you grow your business to reach new global customers without affecting your marketing budget? The answer is really simple, you just need a multilingual website, especially Kannada website translation.

Kannada is one of the 14th regional languages a well as 22nd official languages of India. Official interstate communication is conducted in English, and Hindi still plays an important role in education, specifically at the university level. They are generally grouped into 3 different groups: Southern, Northern, and Central.

All the dialects are enhanced by the languages like Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, and many others. In the current scenarios, websites are the most essential tool for a company. More and more people live their lives online therefore having a great site means improved website traffic and increased revenues. Most companies understand and know this. But what they do not understand is how reliable Kannada translation can strengthen their customer base and help them to discover new markets.

Below are some reasons that will show you how translating a website into the Kannada language can benefit your business.

Top Reasons to Translate Website into the Kannada Language

1. Support Your Brand

The first impression plays an essential role. Unavoidably, people will set a specific perception of your business according to what they see when they visit your site. Altering the look, message & impression of your site to resonate with other cultures will assist you to establish credibility and faith in your brand and enhance your global reputation.

2. Competitive Advantage

If your competitors do not own a Kannada language website, translating yours may deliver that support to better help more customers. By doing so, proper website translation solutions may help to set you apart and to take you ahead of competitors.

If it turns out your competitors have translated websites, you likely do not want them to use this leverage on you for the same cause.

3. Provide Better Customer Experience

As per a survey, the first job of any visitor on a global site is to get a language he or she can read. If they cannot understand the content of your site, they will probably leave and go to your rival. Offering great customer experience goes way beyond translating content into the Kannada language. You have to ensure it is done correctly.

This means that you should ignore plugins and solutions that translate your content automatically. It is suggested to hire a company that specializes in translating a website into the Kannada language. The major need of Kannada translation is important to consider for your business growth.

4. Translating Your Website Is Cost-Effective

Growing your business to reach new markets does not have to be expensive. In fact, a translated website is the most reliable and affordable method to engage customers who speak another language. By translating your site you can stay competitive by providing your informative content in the Kannada language.

The thought of providing translated content on your website has always been linked with high costs. However, with affordable monthly payment schemes now available, your site can be translated appropriately from your actual copy at the click of a button.

5. Improvement Of Conversion Rates

If users who do not speak your language visit your site then a good method to increase conversion rates is through proper translation. This is mainly true in the cases of expensive purchases, which ultimately tend to demand more wide research. The great news is that it is not vital to translate your entire website to check how powerful it is.

You can do A/B tests with some of the visited landing pages of your site and observe the conversion rates between the non-translated and translated versions. In this manner, you can decide if you want to translate your website through professional multilingual translation for websites.

6. Maintaining And Increasing Growth In New Markets

If your site traffic is motionless for the local market or even if you are reaching the top ranking on Google but that does not look to be sufficient for traffic to convert, directing towards the addition of international markets for product or service becomes a great idea to help in maintaining and boosting growth. Mainly as this can be tailored to markets where they may be less competitive if your research is good.

7. A Multilingual Website Increases Financial Productivity

The focus of the majority of companies is to boost sales. Translating your site is the most effective method to get this. Customers that can go through the content in their native language are probably to buy from your site. In fact, around 46% of site users agreed that if the information was in their mother tongue it delivered confidence and trust in the product making them more probably to purchase the product.

If you efficiently translate your business website, customers can connect with your business as you provide a benefit point compared to your competitors.

The translation of a website is the most effective and affordable method to enter a new market and is almost essential for any company that wants to expand globally in today’s digitalized world. The capability for ROI is limitless considering the Kannada translation cost of a website.


Now that you are very well aware of the advantages of translating your website, you can boost web traffic, enhance your global brand presence and grow your audience reach. If you want professional help, Tridindia is the one exceptional company that can offer you professional website translation at a very affordable price.

To know more about the solutions, call us at +91-8527599523 or get an instant translation quote now!

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