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For most companies, a translated site is not essential for serving existing and new online customers- it is a must. Why? It differs according to the industry vertical, existing global market share as well as other aspects, but nearly every company has at least some potential reasons to translate their websites for Punjabi-speaking customers.

Think of your site just like a window display of your shop. What people view through the video plays an essential role in your company’s success and development as well? Filling all the language gaps boost the chances of making your business global. Translating your site into the Punjabi language is the first essential step in gathering customers from different Punjabi-speaking regions. Did you know how to reach many internet users, you would have to translate into the Punjabi language? Imagine how much your business could gain by translating your website. Thousands and hundreds of companies have gained from translating their site. But what actually should you do?

Here are some reasons why your next investment should before Punjabi website translation by professional Punjabi translators.

Reasons to translate a website into the Punjabi language

1. Expand Your Brand Reach

Aiming the global market is a perfect way to increase company growth, and translated websites are an effective way to reach them. They are key for:

Increasing brand awareness.
Educating potential distributors, customers, or partners about your business and its offerings.
And enhancing customer experiences by serving new clients in the Punjabi language.

2. Be a Global Powerhouse

On the other side, if your competitors do not consider translated sites, you are given a great chance to translate on this fact and develop custom content for Punjabi-speaking consumers. Many of these folks will no doubt be your potential customers even if your competitor steps out of its game. Therefore prominent website translation is vital.

3. The Data Is Suggesting It

Go through your site analytics. Besides domestic market, where is your website traffic coming from? Are visitors approaching from different parts of the counties investing time uncovering your website, or are they exiting more or less instantly? How many of them are turning into customers? Are they even turning into customers? Are they interested in your offerings?

Answering few questions with analytics data can uncover untapped markets that can be better served with various sites.

4. Build Trust and Credibility of your Brand

People immediately access you as well as your business when they visit your site. What this means for you is that if your audiences communicate in a certain language other than English, they will have a difficult time knowing what you are purchasing. You can achieve their trust and establish the credibility of your business by providing them content in their native language.

There are various ways you can boost your credibility. Now you can easily hire translation solutions efficient website translation expense have become very affordable.

5. Support Your Brand

The first impression plays an essential role. Undoubtedly, people will go through your business relied on what they view when they visit your site. Modifying the message, the impression, and look of your site to resonate with different cultures will assist you to establish faith as well as credibility in your business and enhance your reputation.

6. Boost your sales

Everything is just fuzz if people do not purchase from you. Ultimately, your aim is to sell something- a product or a solution. And by effectively translating your site, you increase your possibilities of selling to people. How so? As per a survey conducted by a professional, 42% specified they never buy products in other languages. Additionally, 9/10 internet users said that, when providing an opportunity of Punjabi language, they always visited a site in their native language.

Hence, translating your website into the Punjabi language can be a huge step forward towards purchasing you’re providing. This shows why is website translation important.

7. Improve your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is what attracts visitors to your website.

How can an experienced translator assist in increasing your search result rankings? An SEO-friendly site should have a keyword plan, Meta descriptions as well as Meta titles. There are the elements Google search for when deciding to rank you in its SERPs or not. Hence, if you translate your content into Punjabi language and keywords, it doubles your possibilities of being ranked higher in SERPs.

8. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Various business websites with great SEO will observe audiences from all around the world visit your site. A site translated into the Punjabi language will boost your traffic within weeks. To illustrate, professionals boosted search traffic by about 47% in 3 weeks when they translated the content into the Punjabi language. Moreover, they noted that impressions of queries were increased providing aspects for massive growth.

Most of the people on your site, obviously, leads to increased sales but also another indirect benefit of accurate website translation for business is boosting sales.

Translating your site into the Punjabi language brings various advantages, stronger brand image, boost sales, higher SEO rankings, and many business advantages. The perfect method to translate a site that increases the demand of your brand is by hiring a translation company that intimately knows a language’s complexities so as to not create content that appears foolish and turns off the demographic you were searching to convert.


If you want to take your business global and translate your site now is a perfect time. Translation Companies like Tridindia optimize your translation workflow as well as save time and costs with a path to a translated website. Ensure to start translating a website. Website translation is the best method to enter a new market and is very essential for any company that needs to grow globally in today’s digitalized world.

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