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You may have recorded your amazing video content and have done all the preparation to promote it. We all have come a long way from failing to understand the video in a foreign language to appreciating content with linguistic diversity. Subtitling is an instrumental part of optimizing and streamlining your media outreach. The aim is to increase the global outreach while maintaining the quality of the subtitles.

According to the American Press Institute, 85% of videos that are viewed on Facebook are watched without sound. While it is often a choice for many users but for many it is a necessity in order to access the content. For them, captions are the only way in which they can enjoy it.

The Role of Subtitling

1. To Improve Comprehension

People prefer to watch videos to understand a concept. Even if people don’t have to watch a video with subtitles to understand it, most of them use subtitles for better comprehension. Thus, one major role of subtitles is to make a video easily understandable for people. There has been a growing importance of subtitling among people. Research clearly shows that people watching movies or in fact any content, tend to turn captions on so that they can understand the concept in a better way.

2. To Enhance Learning

The majority of learners in the world are visual learners. These learner’s education videos online are becoming increasingly helpful to initiate the traditional concepts in a modern way. Internet is becoming the best place for visual learners. Subtitles increase the scope of this learning by making the same video content easier to understand.

There are students for whom focusing is hard and they may get lost between the video lectures. Subtitles here can tie them together and keep their attention constantly on the screen. Any unique subtitle translation service can help you achieve the required results.

3. Keep Viewers Engaged

Videos with subtitles have a higher rate of engagement in comparison to other videos. It could be your personal experience too that you will find yourself watching videos with subtitles even if it’s in the native language. Thus, another role of subtitles is to keep the viewer engaged with your content on a regular basis. If you figure out why is subtitling important it will allow content creators to focus more on their audience.

A result proved that 66% of videos that were watched without subtitles never reached the completion stage, while on the other hand videos that were watched with subtitles have a completion rate of 91%.

4. Improving SEO

If people spend more time with your content, it will automatically have an impact on the SEO of our business. Thus, you will have a positive effect of subtitles on your ranking. When your video appeals to more people it has better chances of becoming a social phenomenon.

5. Creating Localized Content

If you jump on to do local subtitles to increase our audience your brand message will be able to reach a broader spectrum without much hard work and in less budget. The video content will become comfortably familiar to viewers. This has been done regularly with movies that cannot be dubbed into every possible language. With localized subtitles, the content becomes accessible to all people.

There are certain slangs that are localized and addition will give a personalized touch to the person watching the video. When you hire an affordable subtitle translation in Mumbai, you get access to localized translators who will add a personal flavor to the video.

6. To Increase Social Reach

You may not know this but subtitles do have a role to play in increasing your social reach. Captioned videos on Facebook have a 16% higher watch rate in comparison to other videos. These videos perform better on every measure. The answer to knowing why is subtitling so important can also be found in the social reach of businesses. Subtitles make a huge difference in how people see your video, engage with it, and then react to it.


Subtitles have been used in many industries according to the suitable role they fit in. At Tridindia, we pay huge attention to make sure that the subtitles we provide are accurate and have cultural specification so that they don’t lose their authenticity. Our subtitling experts can convey the exact meaning and context of the video. We do understand the importance of viewership and giving the best quality within the deadline is our priority.

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