Is Website Translation Worth It? [Top 9 Facts & Figures]

Serving customers from all around the world online is a perfect way to sustain company growth and translated websites are the best way to reach them. So it proves that website translation is worth it.

Do you want to translate your site? It is a huge world out there, and the web makes it convenient than ever before to do business with it. There is not one universal language in use out there, though, which inevitably means that there are few markets you are not reaching with a single-language site. If you are searching for a reason to branch out and go multilingual, here are some.

Keep in mind that the list is by no means comprehensive, the benefits of accurate website translation are endless.

Reasons Why Website Translation Worth It

1. Expands Your Brand Reach

Aiming global and multilingual markets is the best way to sustain company growth, and translated websites are the perfect way to reach them. They are key for:

  Increasing brand awareness
  Educating genuine customers, partners, or distributors about your brand and its offerings
  And delivering an engaging customer experience by serving new customers in their native language.

2. Your Customer Base

In the international economy, efficient website translation is important for many reasons. In order for businesses to gather overseas consumers’ webpages must be served in their native language. Different studies have highlighted roughly around 72% of consumers invest most of their time online visiting sites in their first language. The same number of people also say that they are more likely to purchase a product if the information is in a familiar dialect. This is the reason you need translation help.

Furthermore, from a psychological point of view, you know that global shoppers are less likely to purchase from a site that is not in their native language, and many visit websites that have their preferred language. It makes sense that people want a shopping experience in their native tongue wherever possible.

3. Beat your competitors

Everyone has rivals. Those are some bad people who want to take all your customers from you and of course, make you bankrupt. Well, not all rivals are this crazy. But most of them are. So what to do if you want to come up from this competition?

Here again: begin with perfect business translation solutions. Many of your rivals have not thought about this. Therefore, a multilingual site can be a selling point for you. Give it a try: it is not that difficult to translate a site.

4. Data Is Suggesting It

Take a glimpse at your site analytics. Besides your domestic market, where is your website traffic coming from? Are audiences from other countries investing time to explore your website, or are they exiting more or less instantly? How many of them are turning into potential customers? Answering such types of questions with analytics data can disclose untapped industries that can be better served with multilingual sites.

5. Continued Growth

Why not be optimistic about your business’s potential for growth? Look at it in this manner: barring a disaster, you are actually going to saturate the market for genuine customers who communicate in their native language.

Going multilingual is an efficient way to pursue further growth without engaging in head-to-head competition. The first stage of that is deciding the target markets and what is required in terms of what languages to translate first. This will also showcase the actual role of translation.

6. Your Brand Is Gaining Popularity Abroad

Sometimes your brand reputation precedes you, and your brand enter a new market coincidently. If you uncover an unexpected overseas interest in your products or services, maintain the momentum going by translating your site. This represents your appreciation for the new customer base and provides them a platform to directly engage with your business.

7. Competitive advantage

If your competitors do not own a multilingual site, translating you’re may offer that competitive edge to better help more customers. By doing so, translating may help to set you apart and to stay ahead of competitors. If it turns out they have, you likely do not want them to utilize this benefit on you for the same reason.

8. Boost In Traffic And Revenue

International users who cannot read your site would not find you and find if they do not find you, they would not convert.

Making your content available in new languages will gather more customers, increase your website traffic, and ultimately lead to conversions. Conversions should not be restricted to on-site transactions. Even non-transactional sites get an advantage from translation in the form of completed informational downloads, contact forms, and phone calls to sales reps.

9. Build Trust Worldwide

Online consumers basically only stop with sites that they observe trustworthily. When a website is in a language that people do not know, they are more probably not to trust it.

A website that is thoughtfully as well as accurately represented in different languages, however, provides an air of authority, polish, and global credibility that assists to make consumer confidence. A multilingual website provides consumers the impression that the brand truly cares about their experience. So, make sure you use the major advantages of good translation.

The translation of a website is the most effective and affordable method to open a new industry and is very important for any company that wants to grow globally in today’s digitalized world. The potential for ROI is endless considering the translation cost of a site.

Wrapping It Up:

Now that you have seen the actual value of a translated website, you have to think about achieving this in the perfect way. This is where a professional translation company like Tridindia comes in. We can offer you the translation that can help you enter into new markets quickly and cost-effectively.

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