How to Improve Voice Over Skills? Tips to Improve the Quality of Voice Over

Creating videos is fun but adding voice-over is a little tricky. If you think to skip it, you will be at a huge loss because voice-over gives you the way to expand your reach.

So, how to upgrade your voice-over game?

The voice-over skill should be improved according to the needs. You need to understand the ways in which you can approach your audience and the list that you need to check for making your script compelling, engaging, interesting, believable, and to the point.

Many of you might think that the audio portion is not something to focus on in comparison to the visual portion, but that’s not right. If you do a survey, you’ll find that most of the video watchers don’t watch a video only because of bad audio quality.

Therefore, to keep up with the audience’s expectations, with video you need to focus on audio too through cost effective voice over translation. Here, we’ll discuss how you can improve voice over skills to improve the quality of your voice-over.

Top VO Skills That Should Be Improved

1. Pacing

Have you ever heard a story from someone who was so excited that they rushed through it and after they finished, you can’t even remember and understood what they conveyed? This is something referred to as pacing.

Too fast that your audience won’t even understand a single word. Too slow that the other minute they are asleep. Voice over should have a constant and deliberate pace. You need to practice it again and again at a natural pace before recording.

Also, keep in mind that pacing also requires pausing occasionally to take a break for breathing or to give listeners the time to process important information.

2. Go for Vocal Warmups

A very important aspect to consider when doing accurate voice over dubbing or simple VO is warming up your voice through voice exercises. Two things that you’ll find very useful for preparing for any of your performance is breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups.

Warming up your voice and doing enunciation can give you a certain comfort in recording with good breathing support. This way you can also bring clarity to the audio.

3. Elaborate & Don’t Simply Read the Script

If you belong to the corporate industry and want to create an advertising video where the voice should sell the product, you need to highlight the product’s name. The voice should not sound like it’s forced on the video, just emphasize a little and it will add a lot of oomph. If used wisely, there is a crucial role of voice over in improving your video’s engagement.

Also, the voice should not sound as if the VO artist is just reading the notes. Even if you are just reading the script, ensure that it sounds conversational as if you are chatting with your friend.

4. Inflection

The variation or modulation of intonation in the voice is called inflection. Inflection can also be referred to as rhythm, stress, accent, cadence, lilt, emphasis, tone, and so on. It can be divided into two parts- high tone and low tone, which can be decided according to how you want to say a word.

You can use high-up inflection to convey openness, friendliness, positivity, excitement, question, encourage, or influence. This is needed in VO, otherwise, you can’t sound relatable, accessible, or likable.

Now coming to low inflection, it is used to convey confidence, warmth, professionalism, certainty, intelligence, no buts, or ifs. Too much use of this inflection can make you sound serious or flat. But this is one of the fruitful voice over recording methods that makes the most sense.

5. Improve Pronunciation And Enunciation

The final aspect you should check is that the voice-over should be done with correct pronunciation and enunciation. Each word should be pronounced correctly and clearly enough to be understood. Avoid mumbling but also don’t shout.

Keep an eye on regional accents and pronounce the words as if a local is speaking them. This will give the audience a sense of familiarity. While some words could be perfectly acceptable in a specific pronunciation in one country, those pronunciations can confuse others from a different country.

The best thing you can do is make the voice sound natural as well as clear. The rest could be assured by doing some practice and with professional voice over help.


These are some skills that will always remain powerful. They are the pillars of making a voice-over more engaging and valuable for improving the video’s reach. If you want professionals to provide you with VO solutions then we can help. Here at Tridindia, we have a team of well-experienced VO artists who can modify their voices as per their needs.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or request an instant quote today.

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