Why is Malayalam Subtitling so Important? [Top 6 Reasons Why You Need it]

Good subtitling provides video watchers a good viewer experience that seems and feels as if they are watching in their original language. Audiences, in other words, will enjoy the original version of the video while simultaneously understanding its meaning. So, don’t you think Malayalam subtitling is important if you are targeting the Malayalam-speaking region?

Today, many companies use videos to market their products and services, train employees, explain their features, or cascade development plans among departments. Although it is an essential communication tool, video on its own can sometimes be enough. Imagine attending an online conference listening to a speaker with a difficult accent to understand. It would be challenging for sure. Now imagine that among the audience of this conference, you have a colleague who doesn’t communicate in that specific language.

In this situation, accurate Malayalam subtitling will help the speaker make sure to convey message to all native speaker attendees and also communicate this message to the non-native audience.

The Major Importance of Subtitling

1. Literacy & Language Learning

The actual reason behind the importance of subtitles is learning. If your business is associated with e-education and e-learning, subtitling is essential. With subtitling, you can initiate literacy development as you permit children to build reading skills. Subtitling a video in the Malayalam language also assists the audience in better understand the video, give more attention to it, and most of all remember it. Moreover, you can utilize effective subtitling to assist your language trainees.

Offering subtitles assists language learners to identify phonics, words, and structure; improve their reading skills, and catch up with the spoken language. On the other hand, subtitling assists you provide effective e-learning video content to your learners all around the world.

2. Overall Audience

If you think only till local, you will always remain local. Take YouTube as an example. Around 60% of video viewers on YouTube come from the non-English speaking audience. Given this fact, a global-minded business that wants to boost viewership is now keen to include subtitles to their videos so they may conveniently reach international audiences in overseas markets and territories.

3. Enhancing Business on Social Media

The number of social media channel users is constantly growing. Stats represent that the number of Facebook monthly active users crossed 2.6 billion people across the world in 2021. The huge number of users comes from India. Hence, posting videos online about your providing assists you to market this solutions to an array of people. This means you can immensely boost sales with subtitling service.

Subtitling your videos is a smart move for expanding your brand to reach online audiences in various countries all across the globe. In this manner, through increasing the potential targeted clients, you have a great possibility to expand your business.

4. Optimize for Global Audience

Bing, Google, Yahoo, and many other search engines cannot view your motion pictures. They just require some text to go through. Hence, if you incorporate subtitles into your video, search engines will consequently get more content to index. With this, you will boost organic traffic and also achieve higher rankings, all thanks to more diverse keywords. The two major benefits will surely combine to ultimately increase the viewership.

5. Improve User Experience

Another significance of subtitles is to provide your audience a great experience. Data represented that about 85% of Facebook users watch videos without any sound. That means, if you want to reach an array of an audience on social media, you have to use subtitling according to your target audience. This is also one of the important signs you need subtitling.

Not only specifically on Facebook, but on different channels, people prefer watching videos without any sound. This relies completely on the audience’s preference and circumstances. Offering your audience the option to watch the video or just read the subtitles will assure that more people stay till the ending.

Plus, adding subtitles to your video for targeting potential audience in some other country assures they will enjoy the entire experience of the video.

6. Silent Watching on Social

Can you ignore these mentioned important facts?

More than 100 million hours of video are viewed on Facebook each day.
About 80% of social media users prefer watching promotional videos without sound.

Since you cannot, it is your opportunity to increase the power of Malayalam subtitling. By including subtitles to your social media video content, these videos can be made to auto-play through Twitter, Facebook, or Google so that audiences don’t miss any point.

Are you a global brand or a small business planning to make the next leap to foreign clients? Whatever the size of your brand, the actual purpose of subtitling is to open up your global potential.


Video content are influencing the digital world and their massive use has also turn into a rise in the demand for subtitles. For multilingual projects, it is always suggested to leave the duty to a trustworthy subtitling company like Tridindia. This is because they provide you professional and accurate solutions according to your business project in diverse multilingual languages. Therefore, what is affecting you from expanding your business internationally? Just depend on us and establish a global presence.

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