Business Success in Turkey: How To Understand Turkish Consumers?

In terms of GDP and population, Turkey ranks 17th. It is the third-largest biscuit manufacturer in the world and the seventh-largest home appliances manufacturer. Turkish exports also include textiles and jewelry.

In the next decade, Turks will become more working-age, potentially driving consumption and production growth.

Food and beverages, home- and personal-care products, durable goods, and apparel have become competitive in Turkey due to its dynamic population and low business costs.

Turkish companies are expanding abroad. With reliable Turkish translation solutions, some Turkish companies have grown into multinational success stories.

How To Understand Turkish Consumers?

Before expanding into the Turkish market, a merchant should evaluate both the opportunities and challenges associated with this sector.

The success of an online retailer is heavily dependent upon the ability to understand the unique buying behavior of Turkish consumers. Let’s understand how:

1. Be authentic

If you want to develop a successful marketing strategy for Turkish consumers, it is crucial that you maintain authenticity. Marketing efforts can’t be squandered. You should therefore hire professionals to ensure that your content is culturally relevant and easy to comprehend.

Business people in Turkish place great emphasis on formality, punctuality, and tradition when meeting with (domestic or international) partners.

In order to succeed in business, it is important to convey your message effectively with your Turkish partners and consumers.

2. Language

The Turkish societal structure has been transformed by international mobility. A global community welcomes languages and cultures.

Foreign languages such as English, French, and German became widely spread through the interaction of Turks with foreigners. For any business start, getting to know the Turkish document translation is necessary as it will help in dealing with the language barriers.

Globalization has been enshrined in English as a language of travel, banking, trade, and the media.

In order to communicate effectively, Turks prefer well-structured, clear presentations, which means using statistics, visuals, and oral communication.

3. Cultural diversity

Due to its strategic location between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a melting pot of cultures. For dynamic global business expansion opportunities, you will be required to get an in-depth knowledge of Turkish-culture and values.

A growing market and strong relations with Europe make Turkey an ideal location for sourcing products.

Turkey’s economy and culture were democratized and liberalized by the interaction with Westerners.

In the financial and trade markets, Turkey has taken advantage of the liberalized economy. Communication, language, and business practices must be overcome in order to establish operations in Turkey.

4. Pricing

The first step you need to start with is the effective customer retention strategies. In global companies, pricing is the most critical element of the marketing mix, since it is what generates revenue.

In order to enter new markets, global companies must consider varied factors, either internal or external to decide on a pricing policy.

Market characteristics, competitive levels, and innovativeness of products have traditionally determined which policy should be used.

5. Content localization

If you are going to the Turkish market, be sure to localize your marketing material accordingly with the help of trustworthy Turkish Content Translation.

In order to develop a targeted marketing strategy for Turkish-speaking customers, it is very significant to take regional differences into account when developing a marketing plan.

It will be easier for you to build links if you have content that can be understood by the locals, contains their preferences, and has an attractive quality.

Online presence: its importance

Consider these figures when determining your business and marketing strategy:

● Turkey has a 44% internet penetration rate (NL has 4%).

● Only 1% of Turks connect to the internet exclusively using a smartphone (only 18% in NL).

● In Turkey, 66% of Turks browse products before buying, but only 18% purchase online (growth is expected).

Over the next few years, both income and purchasing power are expected to grow among the young population. This can be done with impactful Turkish Website Translation as the more you understand your consumers, the more you’ll get their attention.


In order to build a successful international business relationship, it is important to first gain an understanding of your consumers before you start taking the first steps towards building connections with them.

Tridindia can assist you here. As your business connects with customers from various corners of the globe, We use the successful marketing strategy in any language that will help you cope with the differences you will encounter.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for you, send us a quote or contact us at +91-8527599523 .

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