Challenges in Dutch Translation: What Makes Dutch Language More Difficult?

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, but it is not limited to here. The Dutch is spoken by a large number of people and not providing translating solutions will make you miss out on a large section of the audience. But the major challenges come in Dutch as it is far different from other languages.

There is no doubt each language is different but when it comes to Dutch it is totally different and difficult. Many businesses operating in English are using translation to operate in the Dutch market.

For translators, it is a major challenge and both languages are poles apart.

Dutch is a difficult language to tackle and translators find it difficult to work with it with fluency. To get the right translation, there is a need to approach translation company that has experience in delivering Dutch language solutions.

Let’s find out the reasons and know what makes Dutch translation is difficult.

What Makes Dutch Language More Difficult?

While thinking to serve the new Dutch market, translating becomes difficult, and see what makes the Dutch language more difficult:

1- Accents

Dutch is largely spoken in the Netherlands but even every small town has its accent. In this, it becomes really difficult and works as complicating factor for translation. It is difficult to understand and translators work for accurate document translation according to the Dutch audience.

So, Dutch is an entirely different language and it is usually not understood by other people except the Dutch people from other countries.

However, professional translators have better knowledge of the language and are thus able to provide the best results.

2- Inflected Language

Dutch pronunciation is highly difficult and when dealing with a Dutch translation, translators have to master the language. Other language speakers have difficulty with the big difference that comes with inflection. Dutch is an inflected language and this makes it difficult.

The meaning of the word modifies with a slight change in pronunciation and thus changes the meaning along with the tense and mood.

However, experts language translators understand this challenge and know how to work on it.

3- Creating Compound Words

The biggest problem that comes with the Dutch language is compound words. The Dutch language has usage of compound words that result in long words.

There are various adjectives and nouns and it makes it difficult when used in various combinations in various ways.

Translators know how to work well with compound words and ensure the correct meaning comes out. These words can either strengthen or weaken the message and it all depends upon who is translating it.

4- Huge Difference Between Spoken And Written Dutch

Dutch is one of those languages that different in written and spoken form. So, there are the reasons why it is a major benefit of translation for professionals when dealing with the Dutch language.

This requires a lot of practice to make yourself acquainted with the best resources of the Dutch language.

The Dutch translation is highly possible for native language speakers. So getting with native translators work best to get the solutions as they know how to deal with the Dutch language

5- Words With Multiple Meanings

One of the complicating things is that Dutch has a large number of words that carry multiple meanings.

For example such as the word, “vak” means course or subject and profession too. So, there is a need to figure out the context while translating it exactly.

As the confusion goes on, this is why there is need to see why is translation important. When you get accurate solutions from professional translators, you don’t have to worry at all.

6- Speaking Sloppily

If you have learned about the Dutch language and learned all the grammar rules and studied the most important words, still there is something left.

Even if you have mastered the key phrases and you’re confident with Dutch, the conversation will make you rethink again and again as Dutch people speak sloppily.

The swallow sounds and small words often create confusion and this makes it difficult thing to understand the translation.


Dutch is a difficult language and it can almost seem impossible to understand. However, you can provide your solutions in the Dutch market by getting affordable Dutch translation solutions in Mumbai.

Professional translators know well about the language and are not afraid to provide clear communication. They are aware of the most difficult parts of the Dutch language and ensure the best results.

Translators working on the Dutch language are well aware of the rules and understand the context before translating. To work with expert Dutch translators, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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