What is Unique About Tamil Culture And Tamil Traditions?

Tamil Nadu lies in the southern state of India and is supremely known for its rich culture and heritage. Tamil is known to have one of the oldest civilizations in the world where the people of Tamil Nadu belong to the prestigious Dravidian Family and follows certain culture and traditions.

The people of Tamil Nadu have pride in their rooted Tamil culture and they respect it and make great efforts to protect and keep it growing.

Tamil culture is known to last from 2000 years old where the history involves the ruling period of the Cholas, Pandyas, and the Pallavas.

From different regions, Tamil has been flourishing since then.

The major improvement is seen in art and architecture and language.

The business who are trying on ways how to increase customer retention in the Tamil market has to understand the Tamil market and culture first to establish great solutions.

About Tamil Culture And Tamil Traditions

Tamil culture is considered really fascinating and complex for people who are not aware of Indian culture.

However, it’s worth exploring for people who are highly interested in knowing the rich diversity of human history and culture with great heritage.

Mentioned below points explain some interesting facts about Tamil culture and traditions:

1- Old And Historical Tamil language

When discussing Tamil culture and traditions, you cannot forget about the Tamil language.

Tamil language is spoken so widely unlike other ancient languages such as Sanskrit and Aramaic.

This old interesting language have been present before 500 BC and it dates back to the time of Tamil-Brahmin inscriptions that were found on an archaeological site in Tamil Nadu.

People learning Tamil find it easy to understand a language when they know about its history.

It’s not only the oldest language in India but world and one of the oldest living languages in the world.

2- Show Love For Cuisine

A lot of times when there is talk about South Indian Food, the first thing that comes to mind is Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Vada, Upma.

In this, Tamil Food is highly popular in both categories, vegetarian and non-vegetarian contexts.

Rice, grains, lentils, and vegetables are the main ingredients in Tamil Cuisine.

Rice is a staple food here and in its culture, it is served with Sambhar and Coconut Chutney which make it more amazing.

3- Tamil Roots Are Spread Widely

Tamil language not only words but even grammar to almost 400 languages in the world.

The language experts can easily find the root words of many languages that belong to Tamil.

Several proficient language translators have seen its traces in Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, and Korean.

You’ll be amazed to know that Egypt has more than 4000 town named in Tamil.

4- Tamil word is a part of UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” Category

The Tamil language includes a collection of 11,000 palm-leaf and paper manuscripts that are preserved at the French Institute.

Being an old and heritage language, it has been considered by UNESCO.

5- Tamil Well-Known Music

With time, Tamil Music has evolved a lot.

In Tamil, you’ll need to know about Carnatic music that is considered only for the elite and it is liked by people who can actually understand the intricacy of music.

Tamil music evolved and now it is highly preferred as a source of entertainment who loves traditional music.

6- Language Of God

When you need Tamil translation, the reason to hire trustworthy translation solutions near me with great experts is because of having a great understanding of the language.

According to great Hindu experts, the Tamil language is considered as personification of Tamil Thāi considered Mother Tamil which was created by Lord Shiva.

Also, there is a temple located at Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu that refers to the deified personification of the Tamil language as a mother.

7- Tamil Famous Dance Form

Tamil has the greatest known dance form Bharatnatyam and it is the official dance form of Tamil Nadu.

It has been recognized all over India and the world and is known for its complicated dance form with subtle moves of body parts and expressions.

There are various folk dances such as Villuputtu Karakaatam, Parai, and Kuthu that belongs to local tribal people.

8- Tamil Architecture

Tamil Nadu is home to the most impressive examples of Dravidian architecture.

This style of architecture originated in the region where the intricate carvings were done and temple towers, and ornate sculptures were built.

This is seen in temples of Tamil Nadu made under the patronage of the Tamil kings.

9- Official Language of Three Countries

Tamil is not only the official language in India, but it is official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore too.

Businesses that need global business expansion often consider making solutions available in the Tamil language for great growth.

Very few people know but in Malaysia, more than 500 primary education schools provide fully Tamil medium and it is one of the languages used in education.

10- Tamil Beliefs In Festivals

For Tamil, festivals are a really important part of Tamil culture.

You will find many unique celebrations that take place throughout the year and the worldwide famous festival is Pongal.

It is known as the harvest festival that also marks the beginning of the Tamil month called “Thai”.

During the festival, Tamil culture presents its art and handicraft culture form.

Tamil craftsmen are known for their skill in Tanjore paintings considered as magnificent hallmarks of India’s rich cultural legacy.


Tamil language is the oldest living language and brings great history with it.

There is a need to understand the Tamil culture and traditions to ensure you can successfully establish operations in the Tamil market.

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