Errors in French Subtitling: 5 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

As most businesses and content creators think expanding their solutions, working on videos is one of the best marketing strategies. To make the video perform well, getting it subtitled is always best. So, when someone focuses to grow in the French market, subtitling is a must but some errors can result in bad subtitling.

Getting video subtitling helps business to make a good position in the market and also help the content to gain attention.

But subtitling in the French language is harder than it looks, and several translators have to face many challenges related to grammar, speech, and translation.

To ensure the French subtitling doesn’t create any blunders and no one should take risks with cheap subtitling solutions.

To communicate clearly and make effective solutions, there is a great need to get with the experts.

This is a clear indication to always go for professional to get accurate subtitling.

Let’s have a look and know about errors in French subtitling.

5 Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make

Subtitles are easy for viewers to read but getting the right subtitles in the French language is difficult.

This becomes more difficult when the original content is in a different language.

Let’s look at the top five reasons to know what mistakes give rise to an error in French subtitling:

1- Not Focusing On Grammar

Suppose the original content is in English, then accurate video subtitles translation in French is difficult.

French has more articles than English and has separate articles to denote masculine, feminine, and plural of each one.

No neuter exists in French pronouns or articles.

Also, there are many rules to follow when it comes to French grammar, and only experts that know the rules can bring out the best subtitling that works well for the French market.

2- Conveying Speech Styles

French is a tricky language as you may see some people speak politely; others speak casually.

The same words can mean different when spoken in different levels and tones.

One of the reasons to know why are your subtitling scaring is when you are ignoring the aspect of speech styles according to the person’s age, status, location, and social group.

Several factors need to be considered as wrong subtitling can make everyone sound irrelevant.

Only a good subtitle provider will know how to convey individual speech styles that include tone, meaning, and intention according to the French audience.

3- Poor Timing

The video makes no sense when it is poorly subtitled.

Poor subtitling fails to achieve the goal of making the content viewer friendly and bad timing of subtitling takes away the interest of the people watching the content.

Expert subtitle providers are aware of how to improve your customer experience and how to keep subtitling accurate and relevant as per the scene.

Subtitles need to be correctly timed to provide the best experience.

When the subtitles don’t match the audio and video, your content will lack the essence of professionalism and no one will prefer to watch your content again.

4- Getting Literal Translations

Literal translations are never considered the best translations.

This is highly true in subtitled videos where the translator has to convey things in a few short sentences at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to see how to maximize your productivity, there is a great need to focus on fast-moving content.

When languages differ, accurate subtitling is about translation which is for conveying the meaning behind words but the literal translation is just about the words themselves that sometimes doesn’t make sense concerning the content.

5- Making Assumptions

During subtitling, assuming things is one of the major mistakes that unprofessional often make.

It’s extremely risky to make assumptions about the content that you’re translating in the French language.

Especially when you aren’t from that culture, making assumptions can hurt people’s sentiments and you may get backslash.

Not every subtitle provider realizes this fact but it is highly important for getting prime French subtitling.

So, looking out for this mistake can help to prevent any misconceptions created due to subtitles.


One of the problems with subtitling comes when the timings and sentence structures are not properly displayed.

Several other things can lead to bad subtitling and can harm your reputation.

To ensure you get the best French subtitling, choosing expert solutions helps a lot.

Getting with an expert subtitle provider ensures the best subtitling solutions for our clients, customers, and viewers.

This makes the content highly engaging among the French audience.

To work with an expert, contact us at +91-8527599201 or grab an instant quote.

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