Errors in German Subtitling: 5 Key Errors that Can Kill Subtitles

One of the best ways to make video content highly accessible is with subtitling. Whatever be the reason, subtitling needs to be done properly and carefully, especially when dealing with difficult languages such as German. Ignoring mistakes can result in poor subtitling that may tarnish your image.

German is a highly complicated language and this is no secret. The grammatical structure and its rules are tough to fully possess.

When working on subtitling, there is a need to work carefully as there are major evident mistakes related to grammar and its rules are highly possible.

When you are dealing with German subtitling, to avoid any errors there is a great need to pick video subtitles translation from a professional agency.

The reasons for choosing them come while working with experts who know how to deal with German languages and their challenges.

Thus they can promise error-free subtitling.

Let’s see how what major errors can kill German language subtitling.

5 Key Errors that Can Kill Subtitles

When dealing with a different language, sometimes subtitling errors are funny and they can lead to funny misunderstandings.

However, in many cases subtitling errors are harder to ignore.

They can make a video hard to watch or sometimes deliver incorrect meanings that may hurt the audience’s sentiments.

Ignoring errors is one of the reasons why are your subtitling scaring your audience? Also, this can waste all the efforts that you have put into making the video to yield ROI.

Many people find German intimidating and subtitling in it is also difficult.

Let’s see what major error that can affect your subtitles in the German language:

1- Not Focusing On Noun Genders

The major thing that makes German difficult is its grammar.

When it comes to nouns, English is one of the simplest in European languages but it becomes difficult to deal with all nouns when subtitling from English content.

While you want subtitles in regional languages, according to this focusing on German languages nouns, and gender are important.

German has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter, and sometimes, a noun’s gender directly relates to the gender of the object.

However, gender is arbitrary more often and there is a need to memorize the words with their genders.

2- Differences in Verb Placement

There is also a great difference when comes to verb placement.

Suppose, the content is in English, you can mess around with word order a bit sometimes but keep all verbs together.

But when experts do subtitling in German, the verb you conjugate is always second and the rest of the verbs go to the end of the sentence.

This is an important thing to note and may create difficulty when doing subtitling.

3- Subtitling Not Well Written

Subtitles in the German language should be written to match as closely as possible to the content of the video but they should not be word-perfect.

Getting literal translation in subtitling is one of the cases that result in the worst subtitling.

In this, there is a great need to first get well-written subtitling in the German language.

Also, one of the considerable risks of the cheap subtitling solutions is when the subtitles are not accurate and viewers will find trouble understanding them.

4- Illegible Texts And Poorly Edited

If your subtitling is too small or maybe too big or the color is not quite visible, this can also result in poor subtitling.

There is a high chance that the viewers won’t be able to read those.

Also, there is a need to make the video subtleties according to what is being said in the video.

There are millions of users accessing videos and if the subtitles are not synchronized this puts bad impressions.

5- Cultural Harshness

When you are working on a major marketing strategy in any language, including subtitles is always needed.

Low-cost subtitles are harmful and getting with unprofessional linguists can lead to cultural harshness in subtitling.

There is a need to get with a company that had professional’s linguist who knows the German language and prevent any mistakes related to cultural inaccuracies.


So, in case you’re planning to publish video content for German audiences, subtitling errors can make a different sense and may not help your content to seek better growth.

To make the content reach out to the audience in the best way, there is a great need to bridge things between you and your audience with good subtitling.

Professionals’ German subtitling helps to deliver the message and engage in the best way.

So, if you are seeking accurate German subtitling, contact us at +91-8527599201 or grab an instant quote.

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