Subtitles in Indian Languages: How it Benefits your Business?

You have probably seen videos coming with subtitles. In a recent study, it is seen a huge spike in the Internet traffic of video content consumption after adding subtitles. Also, subtitles in the Indian language are increasingly preferred to make content available to the wider viewer base.

People love watching videos whether it is about getting to know the product or using it. By providing subtitles to your videos, you are easing the viewers to understand your content.

With this, the viewers will be happy to keep returning to you for the required solutions.

Using Indian languages while providing subtitling will help you a lot to grow content and see it working effectively for your marketing campaigns.

Using satisfactory subtitling solutions helps you to grow among the target country audience and connect with the people in a better way.

Let’s see how using the Indian language in subtitling is highly effective for your business.

How Subtitles in Indian Languages Benefit your Business?

If you are working in the media industry, you must know why the subtitle is required.

Now let’s see some important reasons why getting subtitles in the Indian languages is beneficial for your business:

1- Work Best With Social Media Strategy

As per new research, subtitles in video content can increase viewing time by 12%.

There are several social media algorithms that work on expanding video content that is highly relatable.

So, you can choose high-value video translation with subtitles and make the content available to the Indian audience.

Using this method helps you to attract a more relatable audience through different social media platforms. Subtitled videos work best in growing over social media platforms.

2- Connect With the Indian Audience

If you want to grow your solutions in a certain market, making videos is highly preferable. In this, providing subtitles is the best way to connect with people.

Similarly, providing subtitles in the Indian languages help to connect with the audience and this is one of the exciting ways to gain an audience on YouTube.

By choosing trendy Youtube Video transcription for subtitles helps people who do not speak English. Because of this, you will b able to serve people speaking the Indian language but residing outside India.

3- Increase Viewing Time

As people watch your videos, they may exist if they are unable to understand the content.

There is a great need to work on the subtitles to make things available. Video subtitling helps to make the content available for the viewers and make them watch the entire without any interruption.

You can also prefer to use experienced English subtitling as the majority of Indian people also speak the English language.

However, to connect in a better way, use the required local language in subtitling.

4- Optimize for Global Audience

Big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and will not understand your movies.

When you use subtitles in the required language, they are able to understand it by words.

Therefore, using subtitles in your video not only helps to connect with the audience but also helps to give information to the search engines about your content.

5- Easier Dealing With Hard of Hearing (HoH) People

Video communications are rarely without audio but in some cases when you are dealing with deaf or hard-of-hearing people, it becomes highly difficult to communicate.

Such as if your business is interviewing with one of these people, using valuable interview transcription solutions helps a lot in subtitles.

Adding subtitling in videos ensures that everyone has access to the information about your products and you are able to communicate clearly.

6- Consumer Preference

The majority of consumers that are searching for the right video content prefer to watch videos that have subtitles in their language.

When this is their choice, you have to make your solutions available according to their requirement.

When you deliver the subtitles in the required language, you’ll see major growth. This will help you to win the customer’s trust.


Subtitling is the best way to make the content available to the target audience.

So, when it comes to a wider viewer base such as India, then providing subtitles in the Indian language becomes necessary.

Before choosing solutions, evaluate subtitling cost and decide to go for affordable yet professional solutions.

Whatever you choose to subtitle your video content, it is best to get it done by professionals.

To get the best subtitles in Indian languages, contact us at +91-8527599201 or grab an instant quote.

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