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Simple Tricks for iPhone Users to Download iOS 9

Apple has released iOS 9 for its iPad and iPhone devices. Now the users are waiting to download it and enjoy the services. So, to update your iPad or iPhone, do the following: – If you have an iOS 8.4, then go to Settings> General menu and then click on Software Update. There you will […]
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Twitter to Improve its Apps on iPad and iPhone

Twitter, the microblogging service is planning to improve its app across iPhone and iPad. This is done to bring it in tandem with experiences that users have on Cupertino’s handset. A responsive design has been visioned (adapting websites layouts to varied screen sizes automatically) by focusing on major aspects, such as, size class, canvas, typography, […]
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For Every Nexus Fan, Here Is the Cheapest Phone Ever

Nexus launched its new Nexus 6 that is the cheapest phone ever in the smartphone industry. Nexus 6 has finally become the cheapest phone that its fans always wanted it to be. In a 2015 review for android phones, several options came forward for the average consumers. But, with this option of Nexus 6, it […]
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स्मार्टफोन कैसे 60 सेकंड में निकालेगा अपनी फोटो का प्रिंटआउट

स्मार्टफोन से खीची हुई तस्वीरों का अब सिर्फ 60 सेकंड में प्रिंटआउट निकालें। अब स्टूडियो जाने की जरुरत नहीं पड़ेगी क्योंकि यू टेलीवेंचर्स नामक कंपनी जो कि माइक्रोमैक्स द्वारा अधिग्रहित है, उसने ‘यू यूपिक्स’ नाम का एक प्रिंटर इजात किया है स्मार्टफोन से ली हुई फोटो का हाथों-हाथ प्रिंटआउट निकाल देगा । इसके छोटे साइज़ […]
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