What is Interview Transcription and Types of Interview Transcription?

Regardless of the industry you work in, the interview process is always involved. Whether it is about hiring or seeking more information, a detailed interview process helps a lot. In this, interview transcription solutions are highly used to make the entire interview available in text form.

When interviewing someone, the process involves a lot of juggling as you’re not only asking questions but also trying to listen to the answers.

In this, the interviewer may fail to pay attention to every detail. Interview transcription makes it possible to not miss out on anything important and makes it easy to review things later.

Transcribing an interview can make it a lot easier to balance things out.

Transcription can ensure you never face this dilemma.

Most importantly, because of its great advantages, there has been fast growing need for transcription to capture information correctly.

With this, there is no need to scribble down your notes.

This helps to make the interviewer engage fully in what’s happening, ensuring they don’t miss anything important at the present moment.

Let’s see and know more about interview transcription and its types.

Types of Interview Transcription

Depending upon the requirements and situations, the interviews are broadly classified into various categories.

Knowing what to expect can help you the interviewer to ask the questions however, transcribing it can serve the results well.

With the great evolution of transcription, interview transcription makes it easy to understand things in a simpler way.

Given below are common types of interview transcriptions that are often considered:

1- Telephonic Interview

Nowadays, whenever there is a huge number of applications applying for an interview, seeking telephonic interview is conducted to carry out the interview process with ease.

A Telephonic interview conversation is an advantage for a candidate and as well for the interviewing panel too.

Remembering every detail of conversations is an impossible task, and it may frustrate the interviewer.

This is the major reason why is transcription important as this helps you to access it easily.

Having written text helps to easily search for keywords and examine the important points before making a final decision.

2- Face-to-Face Interview

The majority of recruiters prefer to go for the face-to-face interview as it is considered to be easy.

However, when conducting a face-to-face interview, the process is very stressful and the interview may fail to note some key points.

To ensure you get every discussed thing with ease, there is a need to get the transcription.

Seeking considerable interview transcription solutions can make it easier to balance things well.

For the interviewer, it is not about how well the candidate greet or puts their best foot forward, it is more about listening.

By getting face-to-face interview transcription, the interviewer can engage fully in what’s happening without worrying about missing anything important.

In this, to seek the desired result, it is preferable to go for professional interview translation solutions.

And once you get a transcription, you keep an accurate record of what is being discussed in an interview.

3- Video Interview

Video interviews aren’t new and there has been mass adoption of high-grade language transcription solutions to make the video interviews more meaningful.

Going for video transcription is highly beneficial as it is easy to record and make better decisions.

Seeking recording transcription can make it possible to facilitate the solutions in the best way.

Transcription of video interviews can save a lot of time when it comes to revisiting what interviewees said.

In this, it is preferred to seek top-notch transcription solutions that help you to make easy-to-read detailed notes and gain better insight.

4- Group Interview

To shortlist the candidates, the panel decides to go for a group interview.

In a group interview, it sometimes becomes difficult to access accurate information.

However, with prime translation solutions, it becomes easy to access the information accurately.

With the help of group interview transcription, it becomes much easy for the panel to work on feedback generation and help business organizations take important and strategic decisions.

Transcription of the group interview is not an easy thing and you will need the help of professionals.

Professional transcribers have great knowledge and this help in the easy identification of participants.

Thus, they can provide high-quality transcription that can yield great results.


Interview transcription is much needed to record the interview in a detailed manner and makes it highly accessible.

However, while selecting the solutions, there is a great need to consider cost-effective transcription cost solutions that are affordable and deliver professional results.

Skilled transcription providers work well and ensure to provide the error-free transcription as per your needs. If you are looking for the best interview transcription solutions, contact us at +91-8527599223 or grab an instant quote.

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