Transcription Cost: How to Budget Your Transcription Projects without Compromising Quality?

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Do you want to outsource translation solutions to a reputed company, but are put off by the transcription cost?

With ample transcription out there, it’s easier than you contemplate to receive a top-notch transcript. Several kinds of effective transcription actually differ in cost.

The standard rate for an exceptional transcription service is approximately £1 a minute. But, if you want to add some more factors like timestamps, quicker turnaround times, etc., then the cost can surely go up.

If you have a requirement to transcript some audio content into the text form, you can follow few a ways to budget your project without overlooking the quality.

Keep reading to get to know those ways.

How to Budget Your Transcription Projects without Compromising Quality?

To ensure you get the supreme quality transcription at the best price, just follow these ways:

1- Pick The Right Transcript Type

Professional transcription companies offer different types of transcription and all of them cost different amounts. You just have to choose the suitable one to get the exceptional transcript for the job and not just overpay for details that you don’t want.

a)- Verbatim Transcription: This is basically the industry standard transcript. The transcript is edited to omit the ‘errs’, and ‘ums’. This is the most versatile transcript format, and is highly competitively priced than transcripts that require more detail.

b)- Full-Verbatim Transcription: If you want every exact detail, that is what  just a full-verbatim transcript provides. They reintroduce every stutter that is removed in a verbatim transcript.  If there is an urgent need of transcription to include pauses, tone, laughter, etc. you can pay more. But, in most circumstances, you will pay a considerable premium for this kind of transcript while getting no more value. The problem that arises in reading this sort of transcript can actually decrease the ROI of your transcript investment.

c)- Intelligent Verbatim Transcription: If meaning is something that counts and you understand that there are plenty of off-topic chit-chat in a recording, few transcription solutions provide edited transcripts that just go one step further than verbatim offerings. Such transcripts mainly focus on specific topics or people, summarizing the entire information. As this is quite simple to produce, if it is what you want, you will enjoy cost savings.

Once you decided mainly which transcription service do you need, the next step is to find out what else you need for which you may need to pay more such as quick turnaround times, timestamps, stamping the final transcript and so on.

2- Know Other Factors that Add Extra Fees

Some more factors can make a transcription company increase your per minute rate. They are:

a)- Accents: If the speaker has a different accent, then the transcription process becomes difficult. Some transcription providers will consider this factor to raise their prices.

b)- Lower audio quality: If the audio quality will be low, then the transcription becomes more difficult, and thus, you’ll pay more. So, ensure that you have a high-quality recording,

c)- Multiple speakers: The transcription fee will also be decided on the basis of the number of speakers in the recording or if there is a need for identifying speakers.

3- Plan Ahead & Save Money

If right transcription help is required urgently, you can choose to go for a slower turnaround time to achieve a better deal. This is the ideal way to trim down the expense without sacrificing quality, security as well as accuracy of outcomes.

If your budget is very tight, think about saving more.

Wait for a couple of weeks to get the better deals and even get your transcript back.

4- Find An Expert Transcription Partner

If you have plenty of material you transcribe on daily basis, you can go for better deals by hitting a partnership with a suitable transcription solution.

Repeatedly giving your requirement to the same company can deliver many benefits from bespoke pricing, bulk discounts and more.


We’ve found that you don’t need to pay a lot for credible language transcription solutions if you know what transcription type you want if you’re ready to wait, and if the recording you provided is of good quality.

Also, getting a long-term transcription partner can bring you higher-quality service at the best affordable rate.

We ensure you get a top-notch transcript at a reasonable price. Please feel free to call us at +91-8527599523 or send an free quote.


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