What Do You Understand By Transcription?

To keep information easy to access later on, it is always recorded in different forms. Recording of the material is often used by the business that has to work on presentations, conferences, meetings, etc. To make this recorded material easy to access, transcription is highly preferred.

There is always confusion associated with translation and transcription.

Translation is the process of turning the information from one language to another.

On the other side, transcription is about turning the information into a written piece to make it highly accessible.

Transcription is challenging and in this, it is good to work with professionals.

There are various benefits of transcription companies as they have experts to deliver the transcription.

Exert transcription providers have a great understanding of how to make the solutions relevant.

Let’s see and know more about transcription solutions.

Transcription Of Different Solutions

The recorded material can be in any form and here are different types of material that can be transcribed:

● Audio files Transcription

Various types of audio files such as recordings and podcasts are one of the most demanded solutions for transcription.

With transcription, it makes it highly easy to make the entire audio file into readable format.

These days, consistent audio transcription solutions are highly demanded by lawyers, judges, and juries.

● Written Materials Transcription

Very few people know, but the written materials are also transcribed.

When it is written PDFs and hand-written documents such as notes, letters, etc. often go for the transcription process.

This helps to make it highly readable with great convenience.

● Video Files Transcription

Video transcription is highly used when the recorded matter in is the form of video.

This is highly used for video interviews, documentaries, research, and for other resourceful videos.

Usually, when you select business transcription solutions, you can get the transcription for any of the above formats.

Transcription is a challenging solution and requires distinct skill sets.  

It is best to look for a professional transcription that will be able to meet your needs.

Types of Transcription

Nowadays, transcription has become one of the important ways of communication.

As businesses are reaching globally, they have to interact with various clients and audiences.

This involves various types of transcription that are highly helpful for the business such as:

1- Edited Transcription

This is a highly useful language transcription solutions used by several people.

In the edited transcription, this is often used where there is need to have complete and accurate script edited to increase readability with conciseness.

During the edited transcription, the transcriber addresses issues such as grammatical mistakes, slang, and incomplete sentences.

Also, they address the correct spelling and punctuation too.

2- Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription is considered the written form of spoken language that is converted from video and audio files.

In this transcription, the true transcription solutions are highly helpful to be accurate with things.

The transcriber capture every sound made which also included throat clearing and verbal pauses such as “ah,” “um,” and “uh.”

This is a highly accurate form of transcription that is often needed when serious observations need to be made.

3- Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Intelligent verbatim transcription is highly used for professional purposes.

In this, the transcribers edit out distracting fillers and also repetitions from the spoken word.

With this, they aim to provide content to a concise, transcript that has clear intended meaning.

For this, it is important to avoid cheap transcription solutions as there is a need of the right skills to make the adjustment and work on the solutions by removing:

● Non-standard words

● Filler words

● Long sentences

● Irrelevant or off-topic conversations

● Removes pauses such as coughing and other noises

4- Phonetic Transcription

This is another kind of transcription that helps to get the written form of the phone conversations.

This is highly used when there is discussion over things with different clients where things may not be clear.

Transcription Applications In Industries

There are several industries and organizations around the globe that depend upon transcription.

Some of the industries include legal, film, publishing, medical, trading, media, financial, digital marketing, etc.

While choosing transcription solutions, you must check transcription costs to ensure the affordability of solutions.


With the increase in dependency on technology, businesses are relying heavily on transcription solutions.

Transcription solutions serve a great purpose and make things much easier to access that were complicated before.

Quality transcription can help in business strategies and able to access the required information easily.

To get accurate transcription, it is best to rely on professional transcribers in the niche. If you are looking for accurate and effective transcription solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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