Challenges in English Translation: What Makes English Language More Difficult?

Some people that are familiar with English always find it easy to understand. But for another language speaker, there comes complexities that make it difficult to understand. Businesses that are focusing on operating in the English market choose translation but this brings major challenges.

English is considered one of the most popular languages globally and is spoken by over 1.5 billion people. in this case, not choosing an English translation can be a major setback for your business.

But while translating some language into English translator faces a lot of issues regarding rules and putting exact words.

Every language is built upon a defined structure and English has its own rules of usage. When you need translation, getting with expert language translators will help you in a better way. They understand the complexity and structure of the English language that works best while providing exact meaning.

Let’s see what makes English translation so hard for translators.

What Makes the English Language More Difficult?

The English language is widely used and it is one of the most difficult to master. Its unpredictable spelling and challenging grammar arises difficulties in translation. Look what other things make the English language difficult:

1- Comes With Mixed Vocabulary

The English language has mixed vocabulary as 26% of English vocabulary is Germanic in origin.

Also, French and Latin also have some contributions to English vocabulary. This brings various benefits to translation when it is from either French or German, into English but can be difficult for other languages.

The mixed vocabulary sometimes may create confusion for the translators. Also, sometimes this factor is very difficult for English language learners to grasp.

2- Difficult to Follow Plurals and Tenses

In the English language, there are so many tenses to note. In this, when it is about translation, the translator has to work on understanding the difference between tense, for example future tense and future perfect tense.

It is very difficult to learn and memorize grammar rules in the text.

Furthermore, this is the reason why is translation important when it comes to the use of accurate translation related to tenses and grammar.

3- Word Order

If English is your language, you immediately know in which order the words must get placed. But for different language translators, it becomes difficult to understand word order especially when the native language has different word order. This is where the positioning of words can be difficult to understand.

The wrong order of words in a sentence can make the translation look unprofessional. So, translators have to really work on it and ensure the right meaning comes out after translation.

4- Same Spelling With Different Pronunciations

In the English language pronunciation and spelling are different and context and parts of speech matter a lot and some translation company have to work on them

For example, “It’s time to present her the present” may seem to have two words with the same pronunciation but they are “pree-ZENT” and “PREZ-ent”. Both have different pronunciations and different contexts.

Some translators have difficulty remembering which pronunciation to use at which time. Only professional translators remember it and therefore, there is a need to get experts for English translation.

5- Emphasis on Certain Words

While doing translation there is a lot of emphases that put stress or emphasis on a certain word or words. This can make the meaning differs in a subtle way.

With the right English translation from professionals, you can see each time the right translation is done by putting the emphasis on the required word.

For expert translators, the emphasis is quite clear so it is easier to pick up the intended meaning. However, if you are dealing with unprofessional this can lead to misinterpretation.

6- Idioms

English is a very old language and it has many interesting sayings that have been incorporated into everyday language. These sayings bring out a lot more sense if you haven’t grown up with them but they may sound crazy to other people.

Such as “raining cats and dogs” this comes up in various document translations but has nothing to do with cats and dogs and is still a highly used saying.

For other language translators, using these idioms is difficult but when they get experienced they use it as if they have mastered it.


There are millions of people who learn English around the world and getting English translation help to serve a large section of the audience very easily.

When you are looking for an English translation, there is a need to get it done in the right way. You can get professional translators to get the best results.

Delivering your message to English audience can be difficult but professionals can help you. To get with expert translators, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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