Is Localization A Differ Concept Than Translation? Find Out

We are witnessing a race where every company wants to become no 1 global Player. To win over competitors they are adopting a strategy of translation and localization. Though these two terms are often used reciprocally but one must confuse the concept of localization with translation. Before we jump on the topic of localization vs translation, let us grab some basic info about these two. Translation is a process of converting content “word to word” with precise sentence formation and accurate grammar whereas Localization is a more lengthy process “adapting the content” with respect to the target market.

Translation is pretty straightforward and simpler whereas Localization is needed when you’ve to create personal touch with your audiences; where you have to respect their culture and tradition. Below are some points that will help you to differentiate between these two.

Area of Comparison Translation Localization

The major challenge of Translation process: Clarity, Sentence formation, Maintaining same meaning and Tone, Idioms and expressions

The major challenge of Localization process: Adapting with respect to culture and tradition of multiple countries, removing unethical content, meeting audiences expectation

What it Ensure?

Translation has to be done by not jeopardizing the original context. It helps in conveying the exact meaning of an article, blog, documents, etc. For ex- FAQ’s or any manuals could be well translated into multiple languages

Localization has to be done with respect to business objective and Target culture. It helps in conveying the same phrases rather than words. For example- In China saying “ Like Father Like Son” would be like “ Tigers do not breed Dogs”


It is most preferred by small medium enterprise, bloggers, researchers, writers- when you have to develop copies of original content in multiple languages such as manuals.

It is most preferred by Global businesses to meet cultural, functional and languages differences of Target audiences. The main focus of localization is to generate quality user experiences and Organize a brand in multiple countries.

Which is best for you?

If you have to develop exact copies of training manuals, reports, broachers, contract, safety guide, website content or any other documents where culture plays no role rather to create awareness then translation is for you

It is very useful when you have to take an idea to global level and develop a cultural appeal. It helps in avoiding offensive and embarrassing situations. If you have a product to market at international platform then localization is for you


Today businesses have ample of opportunities to reach mass audiences but It’s unfortunate to see that language problem still persist. In order to bypass the problem of language differences companies take help of localization and translation. Though both of these serve the common purpose of bridging the communication gap but in many cases they both have tremendous different. One must choose these services carefully as per their requirements.

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