How to Improve Transcription Skills? 6 Ways to Improve Your Skills

Are you willing to know how you can improve your transcription skills? Improving your transcription skills comes with many benefits: more earnings, increased productivity, more contracts, and long-term clients.

If you use any digital device, you probably know about transcription. Not only for entertainment, but it is also used professionally by language learners, transcribers in court, and even researchers.

No matter how you use transcription, it’s important that you keep on improving your skills for more productivity. But how you can improve your skills to meet the highest standards of quality while also delivering the work within time? Practice. It’s the key to perfection. This statement could not be more true and appropriate when it comes to accurate transcription.

Keep on reading to know the tips for improving transcription skills.

Tips to Improve Transcription Skills

1. Focus On Speed Typing Skills:

Transcription could not be done properly if your typing skills are not good. Slow typing will do nothing in this case, you will only end up investing several hours doing work that could be done in an hour or less. Therefore, it’s important that you focus on your typing speed to make sure you finish within time and also get extra time to re-check your work.

Also, make sure you don’t do any mistakes just to fasten up your speed. Finishing it up quickly and then again going back to make corrections will take more time than you think for doing consistent business transcription.

2. Communication

If your communication skills become strong, your language skills will automatically improve which will contribute to having a higher comprehension level. Having the capability to communicate meaning through written speech is very important. Its because the major aspect of transcription is to write. Therefore, to transcribe audio properly, first work on your communication skill.

You can improve your communication skills in numerous ways. Some of those ways are taking public speaking courses, observing good communicators, practicing writing, and taking workshops as well.

3. Listen To The Entire Audio & then Transcribe

First, you need to listen to the entire audio and then transcribe it. Doing this will save a lot of your time. Rather than listening to a sentence, pausing the audio the mid-way and then continuing to transcribe it, will increase the chances of having mistakes. Therefore, it’s beneficial if you do error free multilingual transcription in one go without any pause.

If you chose to transcribe only a few words at a time it could lead to plenty of errors because it will be difficult for you to analyze the context of the sentence. Plus, if you go ahead and just add a word according to your assumption it might get incorrect, and deleting it will waste your time.

4. Work on your Proofreading Skills

Big companies that hire transcriptionists don’t just check how many words a candidate can hear perfectly and how to want they can transcribe. They also check whether the candidate pays attention to the smallest details like grammar and so on.

Ensuring to proofread everything once you are done transcribing, is the key to performing better when trying to work with a new company. This way, you will also be able to improve your transcription skills incredibly. You can also choose a trustworthy local transcription company to do this task more professionally.

5. Focus on Editing Skills

Editing is the most needed skill to ensure your transcription is accurate and effective. This skill depends on a wide vocabulary, communication, good comprehension, and of course grammar usage. Good editing skill means accuracy in transcription.

Now, the question is how you can become a skilled editor? The easiest way is by pursuing language courses and ensuring to proofread for more practice. To improve your editing skills, you should get English degree. Through English programs, you can develop strong editing abilities for doing various types of transcription.

6. Understand The Terminologies

If you are familiar with transcription, you probably know some industry-specific terminologies. But “some” is not enough, you need to expand your knowledge and learn more. The more you will get to know the medical terms, the easier your job of transcribing audio/videos will become easy.

Gaining such knowledge is mainly important when 3 different terms have the same abbreviation. The more you know, the fewer mistakes will be there.

Besides these, there are many other things that one can follow to improve transcription skills. One of those is staying engaged, for example, making sure that you are fully invested in the task. Another one is, not excluding sections in the files unless you are told to do so.


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