Interpretation Techniques: Popular Techniques You Need to Know

As the name itself indicates, interpretation is a way to convey a sentence spoken in one language to another.

Now, there would be people who might get confused between interpretation and translation.

Let me clarify, interpretation conveys the vocal conversation from the source text to the target language whereas translation is done in a literal way like converting books, documents, and so on from one language to another. For in-depth information, you can read translation vs interpretation.

Everybody speaks and understands English, right? But how many actually speak the language because they are comfortable speaking it? There would be very few.

When terminologies, unusual accent, or puns comes into the spoken words, most of the people involved in the conversation prefers wearing their headsets to get an interpretation in their language.

As per the type of event or meeting, you can choose from the interpretation techniques to get the best results.

So, shall I introduce to you those techniques one by one?

Popular Interpretation Techniques

Interpretation is an important stone to step in for breaking language barriers and allowing easy communication. If you looking for techniques to satisfy your error free interpretation needs, then here they are:

1. Over the Phone Interpretation

What you’ll do, when you and the person with whom you want to communicate are not available for face-to-face interaction? How will you ensure fluent communication if they speak a different language than yours? That’s where you’ll need telephone interpreting.

The technique is possible when both parties establish an appointment and the participants of the call can hear only the voice.

Just imagine, how much your business will get profit when there will be no language barrier. You can communicate with utmost ease. Today, when the facility of VOIP and telephone is everywhere, performing phone interpretation has become convenient.

2. Consecutive Interpretation

Have you ever gone to an event where you have heard an interpreter speaking after the actual speaker has finished his speech?

This is what the consecutive interpretation technique looks like.

In this technique, the speaker pauses for some time in order to allow an interpreter to interpret from the source language to the target language. This is one of the most popular types of language interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is divided into two parts:

Long Consecutive Interpretation-

Here the interpreter takes notes of the speech to convey a long interpretation

Short Consecutive Interpretation-

Here the interpreter works relying on his/her memory. Each speech segment will be short enough to keep in mind.

3. Simultaneous Interpretation

Commonly known as conference interpreting, this technique is meant to be used for people who have limited English proficiency or the ones who doesn’t understand the language you speak.

Simultaneous interpreters interpret simultaneously along with the speech given. They listen to the speech through headphones and understand the meaning of the sentences, so there are no mistakes.

The direct audio feed is transmitted to the conference room where the interpreter sits and within a few seconds after every sentence finishes, interpretation is given. It’s of course complicated but it is a very effective interpretation technique. Furthermore, this might helped you know what is simultaneous interpretation.

4. Whispered Interpretation

It’s a quite simple technique where the interpreter sits or stands next to a small group of audience that belongs to a different culture and whispers an interpretation of the speaker’ spoken sentences. It can be done through headphones and microphones as per the preference of participants.

5. Video Interpretation

You might have heard about video interpretation, it’s really famous in the corporate world. It’s the most innovative technique used by companies to connect with hearing-impaired listeners without much hassle.

Isn’t it really nice to finally have something to look after the convenience of deaf or hard of hearing participants in the meeting? It’s popularly used in sensitive situations.

The most crucial benefit it gives is that an interpretation doesn’t need to be physically present, it can be done from a remote location very easily.

Video interpretation can easily connect you with clients without much fuss.

Working with the right company, with the right interpreter, and choosing the right type of simple interpretation or elite language interpretation according to your needs will make you realize it’s really worth every cent invested.


Interpretation is the easiest way to make the speech or message understandable without much hassle. Especially when you have a professional interpretation company like Tridindia, the understanding becomes guaranteed. Tridindia has been serving clients for more than 18 years and has enough experience to provide with accurate interpretation.

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