Machine Hindi Translation vs. Human Hindi Translation- Who Wins?

We are living in a digital era where to make the content serve well, it needs to be well-localized. Localized content is necessary for brand growth in the Hindi market. With the use of translation, things become much easier to communicate and make it fit as per market but which translation is better machine or Human?

There have been great advancements in technology and you can easily get a lot of translation tools available to translate the source language into the Hindi language.

Yes, it’s true finding the right human translator is not an easy thing but when it comes to the results of Hindi translation, there is a great need to focus on who can deliver it best.

The solutions you choose need to be sure of getting accurate and quality results.

If you want to get actual website translation solutions in the Hindi language, there is a need to make a choice that eventually brings great results.

For this, there is a need to explore a lot about machine and human translation.

Let’s look into and see who wins in providing the best Hindi translation, machine or human.

Machine Hindi Translation vs. Human Hindi Translation

A number of global businesses trying to establish operations in the Hindi market are looking for translating their solutions.

To get solutions, they always look for solutions that provide them with professional results without spending too much money.

Given below points clearly describe the machine and human translation, which one do you need to choose:

1- Translation Speed

Whenever there is an urgent need for Hindi translation, to get a translation, speed is taken into major consideration.

In this type of translation project, the solutions providing you results fast can benefit you a lot.

Machine translation promises a quicker turnaround but when it comes to professionalism and trustworthiness, it fails.

Human translation requires time as there are a lot of things that need to be considered to deliver the translation.

Therefore, human translation may not be as fast as a machine but it definitely stands on the ground of professionalism.

2- Cultural References

Translation fails to fulfill the purpose if it fails to stand accurate as per cultural relevancy.

One of the reasons why is Hindi translation important is to actually make the content relevant that serves well in the Hindi market while ensuring it doesn’t hurt cultural beliefs.

Machines fail to pick the cultural aspects and therefore, human translation is preferred.

There are so many cultural references that need to pick up perfectly.

Human translators are highly trained in handling it and thus deliver translation with appropriate tone and relevance.

3- Understanding Actual Context

Understanding the actual context is key to getting the perfect translation.

Machine translation often struggles with polysemy which involves the word or phrase having multiple meanings.

For machine and AI tools, it is very difficult to consider different contexts.

There is always a need to consider creativity in Hindi translation as it has a lot of cultural aspects.

For a human translator, it is much easier to identify the word and its context and get the best translation needed.

4- Translation Cost

Most people or businesses, who need Hindi translation, often think of budget before choosing solutions.

So, users prefer getting free online translation tools to save a few coins.

But, in reality, it is just like getting a translation to get a random idea of solutions.

Human translators are cheaper and much more worthy than machines.

When you use Hindi translation solutions from professionals, you don’t have to worry much.

Human translators streamline your content and make it ready to be delivered fast and at a reasonable amount.

5- Certified Translations

One of the biggest reasons for trusting humans is because of their certification in the niche.

They are highly trained to handle translation related to official documents such as medical reports, research papers, or real estate contracts that require certifications.

Most professional human Hindi translation solutions offer approval stamps.

This guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of the translated document which machine translation will not provide.


We all know that technology has enhanced a lot and machine translation is available to help many people.

But those who are in search of genuine translation solutions, do not trust translation technology.

The above points clearly justify how human translation is far better than machine translation.

Human translation provides solutions that are best in terms of quality and accuracy.

When you seek professional human translation, you can get great Hindi translations while saving time and money. If you are in search of reliable and error-free human Hindi translation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599223 or grab an instant quote.

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