Challenges in Greek Translation: What Makes Greek Language More Difficult?

The concept of translation holds great importance when it is about reaching out to new audiences. There are different kinds of languages that have different origins and this brings difficulty in translation. Greek language is not an easy language and comes with several challenges.

The Greek language is the native tongue of more than 13 million people in Greece.

It belongs to the Hellenic language family, which is an independent branch of the Indo-European language family.

This makes the Greek language relatively difficult language to master and even to translate.

Greek is very closely related to other languages.

If earlier have you ever used translation, you’ve known how difficult is to achieve translation.

Only professional translators with great experience can provide highly accurate Greek translations without any worry.

Let’s see and know more about difficulties in Greek translation.

What Makes the Greek Language More Difficult?

One of the few reasons that make the Greek language difficult is the grammar and its structure as they are completely different.

Additionally, handling the Greek alphabet is also really difficult and much effort is required to achieve accurate translation.

Given below are a few challenges in Greek translation:

1- Oldest Indo-European Languages

Seeking effective Greek translation solutions is highly difficult and one of the reasons is due to its long history.

With time, several changes have happened over the years.

Somewhere with time, certain words and spellings have mutated into something new which makes them undistinguishable from the original.

So, if the translator is completely unaware of the history of the Greek language, then you may not get an accurate translation.

If translators are a history buff, then achieving the best translation is possible.

2- Different Alphabet Influences

When it comes to providing accurate document translation solutions, there is great emphasis to have the right understanding of the alphabet.

Greek letters are generally influenced by Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

Despite having several influences, there are now certain words and phrases that are written to provide ease.

Greek is called a straightforward language but mastering its alphabet can only be possible while getting into the roots.

Therefore, native translators can seek great results.

3- Guessing Gender

In Greek language, there are three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter and each noun in Greek has a specific gender.

The major objective why is translation important expert is because they have a better understanding of this.

These genders don’t apply to nouns referring to people but they apply to nouns of things.

In this, recognizing the right gender of nouns can be quite tricky.

Selecting the wrong gender can result in different endings depending on the case they are used in.

4- Greek Pronunciation

The translation becomes more difficult when there are new words that have difficult pronunciation.

While many letters in the Greek alphabet have similar sounds but there are some sounds that this is one of the things.

This is one of the few benefits of translation for professionals.

They understand well that Greek is also a phonetic language meaning it is pronounced the same way it is written.

5- Difficult Vocabulary

The Greek language is difficult when it comes to words.

Learning words is essential to mastering any language but it is very challenging when dealing with the Greek language.

In the Greek language, there are numerous political, scientific, philosophical, and technological words that a translator needs to learn for accurate translation.

In this, several language translators often find that everyday words in Greek are rather different from the Western European languages.

This requires a lot of effort to get the vocab part done to ensure the best translation.

6- Sentence Structure

Greek grammar is different from the Romance and Germanic languages that are spoken in Europe.

But translators who have less understanding about it can make things complicated as Arabic or Slavic languages.

Greek sentence structure is mostly difficult and the right translation company follows the proper understanding of structure.

Greek grammar is tricky and this is because of the Greek case system.

However, professional translators work on it in the best way and change the word order without losing the meaning of the sentence.


The Greek language is highly used for communication and connecting with a huge audience.

But there is a great need to have a better understanding of the language to execute the best translation.

Before choosing any company, you must check is translation affordable and guarantee to offer highly professional solutions that yield great results.

Professional translators have a great understand of language and execute the best results. If you are looking for highly accurate and fast Greek translation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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