Challenges in Polish Translation: What Makes Polish Language More Difficult?

When you want to make your solutions reach out to a new audience, the best way is to get the solutions translated first. The translation is highly important in establishing connections however, some languages are complex. Similarly, the Polish language also holds difficulty in translation.

Polish is a complex and demanding language. It is highly challenging when language combination includes Indo-European languages.

Poland has almost 97% of people identify Polish as their native language.

This makes it highly essential to use the Polish language for operating in Polish speaking regions.

The Polish language belongs to the Slavic language family and the reason why is translation important is to establish great connections with the Polish audience.

Getting translation is not easy however, expert Polish translators are great at this and ensure to deliver highly-accurate translation.

Let’s see and know more about the challenges in Polish translation.

What Makes Polish Language More Difficult?

Polish is one of the hardest languages particularly who have English as their first language.

The Polish language has difficult grammar and it includes a system of cases and also a verb aspect.

This makes it difficult to pronounce and has several challenging sounds.

Given below are some things that skillful language translators find difficult during Polish translation:

1- Difficulty In Understanding Word Order

Before you translate anything, it is very important to know the word order of a particular language.

It is to avoid any chaos when it comes to grammatical word order, but in Polish there is no such word order.

Generally, the majority of languages such as English have a word order of peaking subject-verb-object.

However, it gets jumbled in the Polish language.

So, if you select Polish translation solutions for the sentence, “I will go to the office tomorrow”, then in Polish, it can be written like “I will go tomorrow to work.”

This makes it challenging how to translate into the Polish language.

2- Grammatical Cases

When dealing with the Polish language, understanding the spoken words is hard to understand.

Along with it, the language uses a notoriously difficult system of grammatical cases that further complicates things.

If you’re not familiar with grammatical cases, then it will become difficult dealing with verb conjugations and with nouns.

Whiles seeking relevant document translation solutions, there is important to know many things.

Such as verbs change in form depending on the subject, or who is doing the action and nouns also change forms depending on their relationship to the verb.

3- Numbers are Difficult to Use

Generally, whenever we compare language difficulty, we often compare it with the English language.

In the English language, they don’t have actual verb conjugations, and numbers are numbers but Polish is different when it comes to numbers.

After knowing the language you’ll find there are 14 ways to say the number two.

One of the great benefits of translation from experts is to be sure to use the right language.

They know how to use the right word for the word from multiple of it.

4- Challenging Pronunciation

The major thing that makes the Polish language difficult is the addition to the pronunciation.

Polish is extremely difficult to pronounce correctly and it has a lot of sounds that the words that sound the same.

Only Polish native speakers can identify the right sounds and be able to translate them well.

The different sounds are due to air through the front of the mouth.

If before have you ever used translation in Polish language, you have come up with this challenge.

5- Dealing With The Word “się”

In English, there is the word referring to the “self” such as oneself, himself, herself, etc. Similarly, in Polish, it is “sie”.

However, when you see it in action, it works as a reflexive article that the person, when doing something, receives the consequence of that action.

Translators have to understand it in a great way and therefore, it is necessary to hire translation company that can promise great results.

When translators know how to deal with language, the results are amazing.


Polish is generally known as a rewarding language and helps you to connect with a wide audience much more easily.

However, there is a need to work on getting the right translation solutions who have a better understanding of the writing system in the polish language.

When you are choosing solutions, there is a need to evaluate is translation affordable and how fast it can help in delivering the solutions.

When you have professional translators by your side, you don’t have to worry at all. If you are looking for highly relevant professional translation solutions, contact us at +91-8527599523 or quickly send us a instant quote.

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