Benefits of Podcast Transcription: Are Podcasts Getting More Multilingual?

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Podcast creators who want to give an extra touch to their podcasts or want to branch out for whatever reasons, there are surely no disadvantages to this extra. It is only going to benefit you in different ways.

Podcasts are now gaining popularity among viewers because they offer an interesting and exciting experience. Because of their improved reputation in the market, their roots are spanning from corporation to community as well as culture.

Providing transcripts along with your podcasts can help expand your reach to a wider audience and even boost your reputation as an accessible podcast that understands and meets the needs of its listeners.

There is not a single reason, but there are many others that will influence you to use high grade podcast transcription that you might not have thought about earlier.

In this blog, we have mentioned various benefits of podcast transcription.

How Podcast Transcription is Beneficial?

1. Search Engine Access

With podcast transcription, you can allow search engines to index your podcast’s content. If you are not transcribing the transcripts, you are missing the opportunity to become visible to search engines and increase your rankings.

An accurately transcribed podcast will provide a boost in the website’s visibility and increase its position.

2. Opportunities for Growth SEO

Nowadays, the major issue faced by podcasters is the inability to spread and promote their content globally.

According to surveys, around 10 million people are hard of hearing or deaf. And as podcasts are all about audio, you can think that there are around 10 million people who are unable to listen to your podcasts. Here, prominent audio transcription is needed.

This is an effective opportunity to promote your podcasts to many individuals who would want to access your content, mainly if it meets their needs like education, entertainment, news, and so on.

3. Create a Better UX

Podcasts are very good for exercising, cleaning, working, driving, and various other tasks. But for any user wanting to watch something visual with their most preferred subject, the presenter will need the listener to remain engaged, which is a tough task.

There are various methods that have not been utilized before, or if they have, can be utilized in a more personalized way. By making the transcript engaging, listeners can click on a part and jump to the point of audio that they want to listen to.

This is the reason now many companies are understanding essential need of transcription of podcasts and investing their resources to engage the right audience.

4. Generate Higher Revenue

As soon as you gather the interest of your target market, revenue streams will ultimately begin improving around various levels of monetization platforms.

Whether you concentrate on selling solutions or products, improving digital ads, request paid subscriptions, multilingual podcasts would definitely assist in increasing the returns.

5. Social Media Sharing

Sharing your podcasts across social media is the main aim, for a wider audience as well as massive acknowledgement. You can make it very convenient for people to share it on famous internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Listeners can highlight a specific section and share it with people all around the world.

If someone hears something knowledgeable, they can easily share it with others. There are various types of transcription from which you can choose the one that suits your needs.

6. Wholesome User Experience

While doing podcast transcription, ensure that the user is considered while making the decision. Giving an accessible, comfortable, and simple user experience through your podcast is the top-most way to gather potential and genuine audiences. As well as explore environments that many have never thought of before. By transcribing podcasts, you can increase customer satisfaction.

A professionally transcribed podcast can deliver many benefits to podcast creators. Delivering both audio as well as the text version of content makes sure the widest possible audience and more effective results for visitors to the podcast’s website.

By incorporating podcast transcripts, webmasters can improve the visibility of a website and strengthen the audience base, assisting them to get more profits. All this information might have made you understand effective transcription and its importance.

Are Podcasts Getting More Multilingual?

The answer is YES.

Podcasts are generally audio episodes that are recorded to educate or entertain a specific group of audience. Besides making more revenue in the podcast market, adopting multilingual podcasts has brought more opportunities for the business to achieve success on a global scale.

Here are the reasons why producers might are now making their podcasts multilingual which include:

To expand your reach to a wider audience
To share content in multiple languages
To boost language skills
To teach foreign languages​​
To promote cultural diversity

Podcasts are generally available in different formats, such as solos, conversational dialogues, interviews, panels, as well as repurposed content. Many big companies are also investing in affordable multilingual translation solutions to get the transcripts available in varieties of languages.

In Conclusion:

Producing multilingual podcasts would push your audio episodes beyond the linguistic and cultural limits of the actual language and attract attention from the foreign market. Consider all the reasons given in this blog and hire a professional today to get your first podcast recorded in more than one language.

Want to make your podcast multilingual? Contact us at +91-8527599223 or request an instant transcription quote now.


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